I am new here in answeree. I badly need someone's help to guide me here. Thank you.
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Here on answeree 10 points make 0.01$ 100 points make 0.1 and 1000 points make 1$ so in that criteria 5000 points will be equal to 5$ it means you need to complete 500 Answers or 1000 comments as 1 answer equals 10 points while 1 comment equals 5 points I hope that my answer will be helpful for you Thank you :angel:

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There are two ways to earn on this site, one is by answering the question and each answer attract 10 points another way to earn points is by making comment and each comment attract 5 points, and when you have accumulated 2000 points for new users you can request for a payout. If you earn 5000 points converting it to money is equivalent to 5 dollars while 2000 points are 2 dollars.
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This website is used as forum with different categories and it has an interaction between people online. 10 points are given to a valid answer and a 5 point for a comment. Payouts differ in their minimum payout, if you have 5000 points, you can cash it out but in my experience, I should gain 10,000 points because I am a Paypal user.
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For paypal cashout , 10,000 points required? Is it true? With 2 dollars can i make payout.
Should we need 10,000 points to cash out if we are a PayPal user.
Absolutely correct , follow the steps to earn money. Answeree is a trusted website.  I am also working in it . Any one withdraw the amount in it
Yes, I withdraw the amount from the site. It is a legit site. On reaching the threshold of 2000 points , you can send a private message to the admin for minimum payout.
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If you are going to check out the site's rules, you need to reach 5000 points to earn $5. Since you are a newbie, you can redeem 2000 points ($2). Once you had the first payment, you are required to hit the minimum payout of 5000 points ($5).
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Have you recently payout from the site? Which mode of payment either through paypal did you get the money?
Yes, I got my payment last June 5. They transferred it to my PayPal. The rule is you can ask the administrator to pay you between the 5th to 7th of the month. As long as the minimum payout has been reached, such as newbie ($2) and oldies ($5).
I suggest not to cashout the moment you get the minimum. Everyone has their own thoughts of what they will do.
I agree with you. I just let earn more if reaching the minimum payout and redeem it only if it reaches the 5th day of the month.
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You get 10 points for each question you answer and 1000 points is equal to $1. You will need to have 5000  points on anweree to be able to withdraw $5. You can keep anwering questions everyday as much as you can. It is not that easy but just try and see how things turn out. 
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