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There are people that I have seen who are afraid of getting married. What some might be because of true rising divorce cases, others might be because of how the partner changes once they marry. What do you think is the greatest fear for marriage?
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I'm afraid of getting married before I achieve the financial stability I need in my life. Love comes like a cloud and covers your mind and thinking. I don't want that. I want to get married with my head straight and held up high. I'm confident in myself that I have the ability to sort any problems and make things work. 

When you are totally dependent in a relationship, it makes the man tired and drag and fall out with you. This is very common around here but I am not about to contribute to that narrative. When you both are totally dependent and interdependent as well, it makes better sense. 
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One of my greatest fears in marriage is realising that you got married to the wrong person and you need a divorce. I am fearing that he could be acting Angel now that we are dating then he shows his true colors of a devil once we are married. 
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My greatest fear of getting married is the uncertainty that comes with it. Marriages are no longer what they used to be. There tends be infidelity of all sorts these days that probably leads to divorce. The truth is I don't want to experience unfaithful in my marriage. I am happy being single than to get into a lifetime affair that would bring me close to an early grave.
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I know marriages these took like they follow a definite regular pattern but I like to think that it is really what you make of it. You can tell your story in a different way. 

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I was married once and it didn't work out so one of my my biggest fears would be another failure. When my marriage broke up my children were young and this is what I worried about the most, the thought of them being upset by it. Thankfully  although they were confused at the time they adjusted very quickly and life was more harmonious for them.  Now they are grown up so that wouldn't be an issue although I am bringing up my granddaughter and she has had enough disruption in her life so I would not want to cause her any more.

I am quite independent now and like being single so another fear at this stage in my life would be losing that independence so for that reason I would not want to marry again. I have a partner but we don't live together and I like it that way. I like being able to make my own decisions and not having to answer to anyone. It's a case of once bitten twice shy for me,
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Everyone has a story. I know a friend who don't want to get married because she saw what happened to her family. Her dad always beat her mother. Her mother went out of their house because of that. They saw their mother after 10 years with different family. She even saw the same situation with her Aunties and closed relatives. She said that she believes that fail marriage is in their blood which I think is incorrect. I think marriage depends on people. On how strong they are to their promise of loving each other despite the difficulties. There are people who are relying their life on someone's else life which is wrong. Marriage is both happy and sad. It is a promise, a vow to God that through thick and thin, you should be together because in the first place you've decided to be together. The love should be strong so that the decision should be too. 
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I have a feeling that all men are the same.I have seen several marriages breaking up because the man cheated on the wife.Most men are heartless and find it hard sticking around with one wife.These kind of relationship usually has got its consequences and one of them might be contraction of sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Lots of women end up contracting this diseases from there spouses.

My other greatest fear is being divorced. You might have a little misunderstanding or maybe the man's parents don't love.They'll hence incite the man to leave you.This is usually hurting especially if you have kids. You'll hence have to struggle day and night for your kids.
I have always loved to have a family with man on my side to help me in decision making and etc.Marriage isn't an easy thing you jump into with making good analysis.

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