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I have a real fear of heights and have done since I was very young. I don't think anything in particular brought it about, I'm just afraid of falling to my death from a height. Some people however have a phobia because of something that happened to them during their life. Do you have a phobia and do you know why you have it?
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Me too. I am afraid of heights and water. I don't know how to get rid of that.
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I don't know if it's possible to get rid of it as I have been like it since I was a child and now I am in my 60s. I still feel just as afraid as when I was small. I think I would have to have some kind of therapy to overcome it.

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My phobia is for bees, wasps, and centipedes. I was stung by some bees when I was small and I had a bad allergic reaction to them and this has haunted me ever since. When I see any type of bug that stings flying around me I need to get up and run. I know this is bad because they seem to chase you around or follow you where you go. 

I do think that my phobia of centipedes is a lot worse than bees or wasps. When I happen to see one running through the house I freak out and jump up on the couch to avoid them if my boyfriend is home. I start to scream at him to kill it. I am so afraid of being bitten by one. I have seen what happens to people when they are bitten and how badly they swell up from the bite.

When I was cutting the garden one time I ended up near a wasps nest and they attacked me. I was bitten all over my arms and neck when  I tried to get away. Now before cutting down the trees or plants in the garden, I end up spraying water on them first to make sure I don't see any wasps coming out of them. I am so afraid to be bitten again. 
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I'm afraid of wasps. When my son was a few weeks old in the pram a wasp chased me as I was on a zebra crossing. I was so afraid I ran off and left the pram on the crossing and held all the traffic up! I went back for him of course :)

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What is horrible about wasps is that they can sting you over and over again. One wasp can sting you over 20 times if it is close enough and keeps coming back. They are so much more dangerous than bees which can only sting once and then die. Wasps are more dangerous around their nest and will protect their nest no matter what. If you see a single wasp I am not as afraid of them as a nest of them. A single one will leave you alone as long as you just leave it alone. I found that one out. 
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I have phobia for snakes and some other extra ordinary creatures especially those usually shown on nat geo.The last time I saw a snake it was almost five years ago. It was in an game park, since then, that picture is still haunting me.I can't forget how huge it was, actually I think it was a cobra. I cannot wish to see any snake again.

Also, I have phobia for darkness. Darkness is really associated with a lot of dirty and evil stuff. I cannot stay in a dark place at all, I think I'll start crying because I could imagine all the evil things that might happen to me.Even back at home when lights go off and it's about sleeping time, I'll always sleep with the lamp on or a candle.
Some phobias can be controlled but others just come naturally and cannot be contolled. Despite of how many times have been told nothing usually happens when lights go off, I wouldn't believe because I already conceived the thought in my mind long time ago.
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I have had phobia for crowd and busy places. Sometimes I managed to get by and other times it is choking and consuming. I used to be a very shy kid and I would recoil into myself when I was around people. I remember the first time I had to give a presentation. I was so scared to my bones even days before. When that day came, I could barely hear myself. 

After that, I vowed to never be that person again. I still get scared now but I pull up all the confidence in me and it is impeccable. I've gotten used to fighting that kid in me. I also have phobia for small tight places. It feels like I'll just suffocate hence I always avoid such places. 
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That must be really frightening. I would hate to have this kind of phobia.
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