What will be the similarities and differences of life on earth and in heaven?
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It depends on your interpretation of heaven since it has many significance to it. Some people believe that heaven is simply a beautiful place where people go and enjoys after their deaths while others believe that heaven symbolize the realization or materialization of what you always wanted in your life when alive. Others less popular, says that heaven represent a continuation of your life in earth that is, if you were not contented and happy with your life, you will simply not feel contented after your death. All these interpretations symbolize one thing; If you really want to enjoy your afterlife, first begin to feel contented with your present life because we were all born to realize a purpose.
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Life in heaven will be better as their will be no sorrow or pain as the former things would have been passed away.
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Earth and Heaven are totally different. Not my personal opinion but heard it from a church leader, He said that we don't endure things we feel here in earth if we are in heaven. For us humans heaven is a finish line in a race because there we achieved triumph from our challenge here in earth. :)

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Life in heaven is literally when you have to everything you ever wanted in this life and not thing about death or anything that will hurt you just living your best life over and over every day without anything to worry about.
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In heaven we will not participate in the things we used to do while we were in this world, heaven is like holy place that needs respect, Much prayer and determination in serving the lord & be willing to follow his commandments
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