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Is there any way to track a lost phone using IMEI number? 
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I think you can track the phone without sim card using EMEI or serial number.

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Normally without a SIM card, this is difficult. However, there are times a phone is stolen and a person will immediately remove the SIMs card. There are location finders that you can use to try and track your phone. They will use a radio signal to track your device. Normally all cell phone has a GSM protocol that will allow anyone to use this phone to make emergency calls with the device. Therefore, the phone is transmitting a signal from the device and it can be tracked by this signal.
If the phone doesn't have a SIMs card and has been used for an emergency call the IMEL can be traced back to this device. Therefore, if you can tap into this signal it is possible to track your phone. I knew a person who thought they could get away with some illegal activity on their phone by removing the SIMs card. This didn't work and the police were able to track the device and it leads them right to this person.
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Once the phone has been used to make one call, it can be tracked with the signature it used to log in to the cell tower that routed its call to wherever it was placed. 
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They are quiet a few ways you can track your stolen or lost phone without a simcard in it. One method am very familiar with is the process involving the use of Android device manager

Android device manager is a very effective method with regards to the subject, but it has a catch. A Google account has to be active in the phone for the process to work. 

All you need is a connection to the Internet on any other device. Log onto Android device manager and sign in with the same Google details as with the phone you intend to locate. If your device is still connected to Google accounts, you should be able to see or pick point the accurate position of the phone on maps and proximity address section. It's as simple as that. 

I hope this will be helpful. You can search other methods over Internet. 

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Normally, with the use of SIM cards, it's very easy to track someone's mobile smartphone through the users internet protocol address (IP). Every SIM card comes with internet protocol which enables it to be tracked easily where it's being used from.
But without the SIM card, the phone can also be track easily with the use of its GPS if the GPS is turned on. Most smartphone are tracked this way and it's very easy to use GPS to track someone's mobile smartphone by locking on to the GPS coordinates. GPS tracing technology is what CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) makes use of in tracking any mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
I also read something about using the phone tower to track the phone but I'm not sure how this is work.

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