Best Healthy Salad Recipes Plan
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1. wild Mushroom with lentil ( kind of warm salad you can add blue cheese to make more delicious) 

2. Nicoise salad ( Ita a French one, try it with crusty baguette)

3. Sweet Potato with Cauliflower (help you to stay full longer)

4. Chickpea pasta salad

5. Tomato with Peach and Basil ( try it with some Italian sausage, it's perfect for summer)

6. Vegan Ceasar salad 

7. Salmon Nicoise salad ( with some olives, green beans, hard boiled eggs and potato, this could be a complete lunch)

8. Grilled sweet potatoes with lemon herb sauce

9. Greek salad (with feta cheese it turns to the taste of summer salad)

10. Mandarin chicken salad (do not forget the creamy avocado dressing)  
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Baby Spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and lowfat dressing, is delicious.  Another healthy one is a Kale salad, with garlic, parmasean, and fresh lemon. A Broccoli salad , fresh lemon, and herbs, and almonds.
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Best healthy salad are the ones with lattice,nuts or any nuts you prefer,mix it with tomato slice, cook a bit of chicken breast and cut it into pieces.Some of the healthy salad are britude juice and fruit salad that's my favorite
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