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If you are having this kind you must have few friends with you and few of these friends should be trusted to help you to meet other people. It is okay if you have few friends, you don't have to be very social all the time.
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My partner has anxiety when it comes to socializing people, he eventually tried to being socialize for almost a year but, after that everything get worst. This kind of anxiety is needed help by a professional person. It really hard to handle a person like this, I don not mean to offend you in anything,but I am with my partner that has the same issue. Itwill really take time to encourage someone to be socialized.

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Hi! This is a challenge that you are the only one who can overcome.

This is a challenge but step by step you will be able to overcome it. I have been through this and it took me a couple years to be finally 100% comfortable with people. It was when I became an english teacher and later on a translator and interpreter. Sometimes I feel shy myself but I am just like "whatever" we all have our fears and sides.

Do not be afraid to voice your opinion even if people make fun of you or even do not agree...if someone makes fun of you they are the wrong ones, not you...they are not mature. 

Think that each individual who makes a crowd could be feeling just like you. People have shells and façades, sometimes they look so strong but they are crumbling inside.

Having confidence and will can change anyone's life. It takes time, but I am sure you will be able to overcome this!
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I feel for you as although I don't suffer from it myself my daughter does. It manifests itself in the form of OCD when she is at her worst but hers has been better since she met her partner (now husband as they got married on Saturday!). She still suffers from it at times in all sorts of situations, work included so take a little comfort from the fact you are not alone even though you may feel as if you are the only one that has it.

People with social anxiety need to feel secure in their lives and I'm guessing yours is worst when there is something major going on. Tell yourself you're as good as anyone else because you really are. It usually stems from shyness which makes you feel anxious or awkward especially in an unfamiliar situation but you know even the most confident people can feel this way when they are out of their comfort zone or around people they don't know well.

Some people find deep breathing helpful others write down everything they think might cause them anxiety when they are approaching a social event and then ask themselves how would be the best way to deal with it, what would make them feel less stressful, what's the worst that could happen?

Remember some people prefer shy quiet people, not everyone is attracted to loud confident people so you may find that some people would rather be around you. If you are going somewhere that might stress you out try to take a trusted friend with you if at all possible and in time you will start to feel better about yourself.
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If you have social anxiety, which is I want to be honest, very new to me, you need to ask yourself why? Why are you feeling that why? How it all started? You are the one who can only attest what is really happening to you. There are introverts but being introverts are comes with a decision that some people would love to be alone than being social. In your situation, it becomes worst because of the word "anxiety". I feel sad that there is a person that is feeling this way. You can only overcome if you already know the answer to the question I mentioned above and how it is all started. There are people that do not bother to the words that you will be saying, why feel awkward? There are people that are too shy to be in the crowd, in front of the crowd, and this is one of the their greatest fear. What kind of worries you feel when you are with many people? If you can try to list it down, for sure you will realize something. 
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Social anxiety is a very high level of shyness. Everyone feels shy in particular situations, but it's a bit extreme for those with social anxiety. They get anxious when speaking in public, eating in public, talking to other people and even using public restrooms.
In order to overcome your social anxiety, the first thing you have to do is, you have to deal with your negative thoughts and the beliefs you hold about your abilities in social situations. People with social anxiety believe they're weird or unlikable and that they don't know what to do in social situations and that they can't handle them. Don't believe that when you don't even let yourself try and test your social skills. You just predict that you're going to make a fool out of yourself but you never even try. Stop avoiding social gatherings and judging yourself without even giving yourself any chance of exercising your skills and getting better.
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Overcoming social anxiety takes a personal struggle because this is always bore from insecurity and low esteem issues. Most times in life we just have to give ourselves the needed pat at the back to step out of our holes.

You can start by facing your fears,Go out more often and meet people,interact and discuss about what you have on your mind.

Try not to be timid and shy. People speaking are also this way but you must also fight your own urge not to be afraid. Don't try to hide and be overly reserved,loosen up and meet people even if they're total strangers to you.

You can read inspirational books that will keep you inspired and help you with your struggling self esteem.Remember no body can be like are unique.
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It is natural for people to feel self-conscious, shy or nervous in front of others at times. However, for some people, the anxiety that goes with this feeling can be extreme.

According to an article written by Dr. Hasan, social anxiety may be brought about by the fear of being negatively or even positively evaluated by people. But she also emphasized that this condition is treatable.

People suffering from social anxiety may try creating a social hierarchy. You may start by engaging with people gradually. Start by trying to ask a stranger for directions and end with something like joining in a group outing or dinner. But remember not to force yourself into situations, which you know will cause you to panic.
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We all know the feeling of being nervous or uncomfortable in a social situation such as public speaking or waking into a crowd, but most of us can calm down by ourselves. However, if the stress is hard to handle and makes you depressed, you might need to leave the situation. Social anxiety disorder is one of the common mental disorders, so if you have, you do not worry too much. Many ways can deal with social anxiety, including: 

1. Work with a  therapist. Find a therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders.

2. Practice deep breathing every day. It's helpful to engage in deep breathing before an anxiety-provoking social situation. 

3. Avoid focusing on others' reactions.

4. Raise a psychiatric service dog.   A service dog is trained individually to work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. (including mental disorders) The dog can help you to deal with or prevent social anxiety.

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First you need to understand the kind of social anxiety you have. Whether is the fear of taking in a particular group or a more generalised kind of social anxiety. Social anxiety is characterized with nervousness, trembling hands and feet, cracky voice in a low tune, heart racing and a longer list of that.

You already know that you have social anxiety. Here's something that works. You should always have it in mind that you are just like everyone else. Not all eyes will always be on you and even if so, you are just as regular and normal as they are. Nothing off and awkward.

Always remember that whatever happens is just for that moment and you may never get to see those people again. Plus people easily forget and it is not a big deal to be just another person in social gathering. Nobody really notices. It is only when you start to get nervous that they actually do. Try as much as possible to relax and remember to always be yourself.

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