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I think not only in the  UK or USA men wear pink shirt,some part the world wear it, too.For me at first I would say they are gay,but there are some good guy who is sports to wear pink for some reasons.

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Some people will immediately associate this with a person being feminine. However, this isn't actually the case at all. There are many trends with color and depending on the color how it is used.

Take for example a man who buys a really nice dusty blue suit and adds a light pink shit and a blue tie to match this all together. To me, this looks sleek or even sexy on a man who does this. You can see this in a wedding nowadays where the groom and his best man are wearing a very light pink or even purple shirt. 

Maybe in the past people would see this and think that a man was feminine and that was the first thing that came to their mind. This is narrow-minded and many people will wear certain colors because they just look great together. There are many golfers who will wear a light pink golf shirt and blue pants on a golf course. I don't find anything wrong with this at all. 
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At one time if a man wore a pink shirt it would immediately be assumed that he was gay but now it is perfectly acceptable. It's true that pink is normally associated with women but a pale pink shirt can look very stylish underneath a grey or dark suit.

Some men may not be comfortable wearing pink even now because some people still associate it with being effeminate but this attitude is disappearing. Men's fashions now include pink clothing as manufacturers recognise that this is a colour that can be worn my  men and women alike and look very stylish.

My daughter got married last week and I notice the best man, who had a very masculine appearance, wore a pink shirt. It's a colour which suits most skin types so doesn't look out of place on anyone.

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