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They are the definition of crazy. All that they ever crave is chaos and trouble. I try as much as possible to stay very far away from them. 

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Psychopaths want a lot of things. Just like the average normal human being, they want a lot from life. It is the way that they go about to get it that is absurd. Most psychopaths have ego, they like empathy and compassion. They want everything to go the way they please and don't care what other people think and how they feel as long as they get it. 

They are sometimes sociopaths with personality disorder. Not all of them will Just go on a killing spree but they always want to have what they want whether by force. They don't have innate empathy which could have a root cause from growing up with lack of love around them. So emotionally, they are immature and they do not care and have regards for others. For instance, if they want your all your attention, they don't mind to hurt or even kill the ones you give attention to. 
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They want to do whatever they want and how ever they want. They're irresponsible and they break the rules, and they don't want any consequences. They don't want anything to get in the way of them achieving their goals, because they don't believe in any moral concepts. Everything is okay with them. They want to create drama and chaos because everything is boring to them. They want life to be more interesting. But they want other things as well, things that normal people want. They want to be loved and cared for. They want partners and want to get married but they may not want what normal people want in their marriages. They may want their partners to be naive so that they would manipulate them. Other than this, they also want money.
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Nobody is born a psychopath they are created this way from abusive parents. When a small child is abused or mistreated all his life and has no escape from the torture they withdraw into themselves and a psychopath is born from the abuse. In this situation, the small child grows to become more and more violent as the years pass. They end up taking the abuse out on others because they can no longer feel pain or remorse for what they are doing. In the end, nothing matters to them any longer. All they basically care about is getting back at the world for what happened to them when they were younger.
Many abused children will turn into an abusive adult and do unspeakable acts towards others or the ones they thought should have saved them when they were younger. It is sad that society can't rescue these children and save them from the destruction and abuse that was inflicted on them when they were growing up. In the end, this could save a lot of problems and stop the child from no longer feeling anything but pain and wanting to hurt others.
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Allow me correct you by pointing to the fact that almost all psychopaths were born that way and not the other way around. Psychopaths are more of a natural trait. Sociopaths on the other hand are those who weren't born like that. They evolved into such state from years of probably physical abuse or trauma caused from childhood days.  
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When normal thinking or sane people are asked this questions, you'd likely get responses like, I want a car, I want to have my own family someday, I'll love to get a better paying job, etc. All these answers are responses from a rational process of thought which are in line with standard behavioral instincts.

But when the same question is asked of a psychopath, you'd likely get power and control as a response. This is because most psychopaths are manipulative, charismatic, fearless, and above all, very smart and intelligent.

Psychopaths can easily deceive, manipulate and hurt people in the process of getting what they want. They lack moral conscience and deviate from normal social behaviors. Such people are likely to break the law, commit a crime, even as far as murder because they often can't help in choosing to act between right or wrong.

Drawing from all said above, i personally believe that psychopaths think themselves to be the smartest and intelligent (which is often so) among others. Such people do not like being controlled and can go to extreme behaviors just to prove that they have power over others. Some of those extreme behaviors can be committing crimes, like corporate crimes to take over certain high positions, or murder, to show they have the power to take any life whenever they desire to.

In my own opinion, psychopaths wants no more than what normal people desire to have. The only difference is that Psychopaths will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it means exercising unconventional means or committing a crime.
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Psychopaths want so many things that the normal humans don't know about. They are full of egocentric desires ranging from feigned emotional vulnerability to mental feebleness. These are some of the elements they deploy in maniputing their victims. They are hundred person insensitive to the plights of others to the point they've lost their sense of empathy.

Notably, most all the time, they like to play the victims, so that they can remain undetected to those they want to hinge their misery on. Often times than not, they are the master exhibitors of the general say that "misery like company." They like to tap into the weakness of their victims by making them believe they are facing the similar predicament while apparently, they up to something nefarious.

Psychopaths are highly sociopaths as they suffer from personality inadequacy. Their wants are unfathomable, as they are only looking for surreptitious means to bait their victims, which could potentially lead to killing them.
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Attention. I remember a neighbor that they call a fool but the real deal is that he is schizophrenic and then psychopath. I watched a movie that tells about it. The movie title is The Call. There is a psychopath that kidnap a blond young adult girl. He really can hurt anyone and they are very strong. They are very true to their goal and that is to do whatever they want to their victim, as long as it satisfy them. Then, yes the girl was kidnap. They psychopath wanted to shave her scalp because he wants to get hair whole hair with a scalp to be put on a doll he made in the bed. Poor young girl got hurt but then the lead role character was just on time rescuing the poor girl, but then the psychopath was very strong, it was a difficult time for both of them. I am afraid of a psychopath. They are not normal. they can do whatever they want.

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