Email Marketing is an important part of digital marketing. But how often should we send the marketing emails. 
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from a personal perspective I would say once a week in order to remind your customer or your potential consumer of your existence and your products or services. from a business perspective, the key word here is 'IT DEPENDS" do not wait for a given and exact frequency. you should take your kind of services or goods you have into consideration, as a simple example if you have a store that sells fruits and vegetables or fresh goods in general you can email your customer every day or one yes one no sending the menu and what you have for the day or the week. if you have a clothing store you can email them every time you have new collection, sales, coupons, and special offers. so, here we can return to the key word it depends on the need of our business. 
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It actually depends on the marketing campaign that you are doing. If you are doing a product promotion with a specific timeline better to add frequency so that the customers are well aware of it. However, if you will be doing a marketing for a brand that will promote for 1 year, I think once a week is enough.
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generally sending an email related to marketing is completely depends upon the clients you have and the time zones they have. basically, sending marketing mails every day in the morning is the best one because everyone checkout their mail in the morning. and it also depends on the time zones as I said so based on the time zones of your clients you have to decide the timing to send the mails and sending more mails will create a negative impact so send the necessary mail and in an effective way so that they will get impressed by those mails.
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Firstly, you need to consider 1. The nature of your products, 2. Industry stat in terms of competitors, 3. Name of products or services.

Secondly, you will need to first start with twice a month, then go on to once a week
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A decent way could be to send messages twice a week, and afterwards up it to weekly. If you got great content or ever-changing offers or promotions, then consider sending emails two or three times a week, Make certain to screen the mission for sending these mails, The line between being helpful and informative and annoying is a thin one.
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