Which watch is best for daily use ?
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There are several hundred as well thousands different watches hence choosing the right one may be more difficult than we thought. The price can range between 15$ to several thousand dollars depending on what you want. In terms of office use, the watch should both have utility, portability, and easy-to-use features. The first watch is named, seiko 5 snzf17 it has an in-house automatic movement, a day-date function, and a steel bracelet. It is very easy to use as well as elegant it is under 150$ for most cases. I hope I was abe to answer your questions
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Any brand could be of good use in the office. However, I suggest watch that has an electronic interface since it's easy to read compared to the traditional one. If for styling purpose, anything that is handy and comfortable is good. 
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the best watches that are used during office time are:

a. Nordgren native.

b. Vincere icon automatic.

c. citizen eco0drive.

d. fastrack
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