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I don't believe in corporal punishment for kids. It doesn't help the situation much to inflict pain on kids that could eventually lead to psychological traumas especially with vulnerable kids. I'm pretty sure it is an offense in most western countries to hit a child. Not around here though. 

I and my siblings used to get whooped and punished physically when we were kids. It is common practice in Africa but it isn't the best. I believe in talking to a child, explaining the consequences of their actions to them. That way, they'll understand better. Also, there are other disciplinary measures to take that doesn't involve inflicting pain. 

You can restrict movement, take their favorite toys or games and tell them the reason for that. Pain isn't good and you can end up inflicting wounds and scars for life or even put the child's life in danger. What's more, it hardens a child physically and emotionally. They might end up building walls and start to resent you. 
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I never liked this as a child that's why I never for once supported the idea of corporal punishment for a child.Out of anger children have been badly bruised while being whipped which leaves everlasting marks. Parents should should the carrot and stick approach at all's better that way.
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No I do not believe hitting kids will solve any problem. Maybe a little slap on the hand or something like that so he or she does not touch something dangerous for example, but other than that it is a big no.

Kids will mimic what their parents do to them, spanking them will only make them even more angry, hurt and will not build a trust relationship with the parents, instead they will fear them.

Kids are supposed to respect and understand parents, not fear them. When children are raised under fear the chances that they become bad adults is quite big, after all they will have iin mind that violence solves things, instead of talking and understanding each other.

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No I don't and I say this because when I was at school we were caned and it absolutely destroyed my confidence.

I remember once someone in my class did something wrong and no one would admit to it so the teacher caned the whole class. I was so frightened I used to feel physically sick before going to this teacher's classes after that so what good did that do. He should have given us a detention rather than hit us if he really felt it was necessary to punish the whole class.  These days he would be up before the court but this was back in the 60s.

However my parents did slap my legs or bottom if I did something wrong at home and it didn't do me much harm. There is a difference between a beating and a slap in my opinion although I don't smack my granddaughter because all I am doing is venting my anger out on her and that isn't right.

There are other ways to punish children like grounding them or taking away their privileges and I think these work better. Having said that I am not at all aggressive or violent even though I was smacked. I respected my parents but in those days that is how bad behaviour was dealt with,
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It's inhumane to assault a child physically in the name of correction. Not only this will make a child upset, he/she might become revengeful as well. 

It is true that children go overboard at times. Thus, it becomes really hard to manage them. Teachers and parents lose patience, and they beat them up. Children do not understand the situations. They think that they're always at the receiving end of any punishment. Eventually, many of them turn out to be hostile. 

There were days when teachers used to think that a child cannot be corrected until they get a good thrash. So, they were very much open to the idea of physical punishment. However, nowadays things have changed. There is no scene of corporal punishment. If the teacher scolds a child due to genuine reasons also, parents create a scene. Corporal punishment has now become an extinct mode of correction.
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Corporal punishment is a cruel and inhumane way to treat anyone. This form of punishment should be outlawed and no longer practiced. Especially at home, schools or even in the prison system. There is nothing good that comes from beating anyone. The more you punish a person by inflicting pain on the person. the more the person will retaliate and to get revenge on the person inflicting the pain. 

Take for example a dog. If you beat this dog every day for not minding or tearing up something. In the end, the dog will grow aggressive and mean. The dog will turn on you and bite you or try to inflict pain on you. 

This holds true for human beings and especially children. A child that is hit on a regular basis will soon start to feel no pain. The only thing they will feel is hate towards the person beating on them. This defeats the purpose of teaching a child anything at all. It just makes them angry and aggressive and hard to reason with. 

Some parent's think it is necessary to beat their child. They think it will put the fear of God in them. When in fact all it does is put hate in their fear and mind and all they can think about is how to hurt the person that is hurting them. To teach a child they need love and understanding. You can punish a child when they are bad, but you also have to love the child and let them know what they did wrong. Just beating on them won't accomplish anything at all. 
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I don't believe this can work from my experience. Just a month ago my neighbour tried this and the results aren't still imaginable. The kid has stolen some cash and refused to give it back, the dad believed that canning was going to be the best solution but unfortunately, he killed the kid. As we're speaking the death was buried the other week and the father is in jail right now. If the man had talked to his son in a smooth way,am very sure the kid could have said where he kept the money.

Canning kids is like exposing them to harm, I believe in the power of month. What ever you tell a kid, they'll never forget it especially if its something important but with canes they'll easily forget. On the contrary, some kids are really tough headed and no matter how hard you try talking to them they'll never get the point. What I can is, they're typically rude and the only thing that makes sense to them is canning. How can we help this kind of kids for God's sake?
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As much as I want, I don't want to hurt someone physically. I experienced being slap by a belt when I was young. My father hit me with his belt when I did something wrong, something that will make him very disappointed, but on some narrow things he will just be angry and will not talk to me. I know what will I do after that. I will just make him a coffee and we will be okay. At present, I have a nephew and he is really giving everyone a headache, physically and mentally. I cannot avoid not hitting his hand because sometimes he will push you hard when he is playing. He is hard headed as well and not listening when you are reprimanding him. I love him but when he is moving around and screaming, I really hate him. I sometimes hold his hand tight to tell him that i am angry but he will hit me with something. He do not stop until you are all red and very angry. 

Corporal punishment could be effective on some kids but they will surely remember it when they get old. Sometimes, the effect is so bad. I saw a bully at school when I was a student and I learned that he is being like that because he experienced beating from his own parents. What his parents do to him, he does it to other student. If we will do corporal punishment, I just wish we explain everything to our kids, the reason why we did it so that they will feel they are still loved. 

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