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This is possible to now fry foods in a microwave without the use of oil. Many companies are now modifying their microwave ovens to use a new technology called air fryer technology. The price of these ovens is expensive and many people are buying them just for the simple fact they can fry food without oil.
Now LG has come up with a cheaper way to fry foods in a microwave without the use of oil. This new technology is called LG diet fried technology. This new technology will now circulate the air around the food inside the oven and cook the food with a crisp layer on the outside of the food. This is similar to frying foods with the crispy layer on the outside of the fries.
Hot air cooker work in the same way when they cook food. They use a glass oven bowl that you place your food on. The fan at the cover will heat the oven inside and circulate the hot air around your food. This technology is now being added to microwave ovens so you can fry foods without oil.
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I never heard someone can fried something in microwave since microwave is meant for non oil cooking like heating up the food, or cooking soup base food or frozen one. I know that in oven, not microwave oven because has different functions, you can fried foods you just have to cover it up so it wont boil and waste down to your entire oven. You just add small oil and turn on the oven at high temperature.heck every 10 minutes your cooking. There are some oven too that is intended for frying without using oil, its call portable oven or convection oven, It is smaller oven like a rice cooker type. That way you can fry whatever you want without using any oil. There is also air frying oven, I have seen this one at tv commercial, you can fry air anything you want or cook anything you want.

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