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I can't forget my childhood, when i was in 4th grade. I started to discover my talent in Art and started to dream to become an Artist. In reality, i am a successful private tutor for the beginners. image

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Mine was being a good mom. We collect converge together, several kids and I used to play the mom role and there was a dad who was probably a boy the the rest were kids. We could do all sorts of things that a real family does, like cooking although the food wasn't real food. The at times we could go to the churc. Whenever my "kids" did a mistake I would punish them by spanking but not that serious punishment because we were all kids. We could play this game everyday and I was always the mother. If anyone took by role then I wouldn't play the game or rather find another kids and make my own group so that I be the mother. That was so much into that role or ruling until I was 11 years old and I just lost interest.

Have always wanted to be mom but now that role isn't in me any more. I am not sure whether I can make a pefect mom as I was doing or not. But the good thing is that I'll never forget how my childhood was and actually those memories are the ones that make us who we are.
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Good memories stays on our heart and mind.
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I had a very colourful childhood. I would sit and reminisce and laugh about the good old days. I had good friends, family and love all around. One of my favorite moments back then was when my father would come home after weeks and months of work in the Military. It was like heaven on earth. My Mother would let I and my siblings eat whatever we wanted and wear our best clothes. He would take us out, get us new toys and clothes and we always enjoyed his company. When it was time for him to go back to work, he would give us money. 

Even while away at work. He would always send us greeting cards with special unique messages that made us feel so loved and feel that even if he was away, he was still close by at heart. I appreciate those moments. I also loved it was it holidays. There was a lot of travelling, partying and meeting new people. 
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You have a wonderful memories.
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I had a memorable childhood. It was just mum, dad, my sister and me and I remember feeling safe and secure in those early days of being home with my parents. This is quite surprising considering my parents were not happily married. They stayed together for us and although in most cases this is not ideal I don't remember being unhappy while I was growing up. We did all the things that other families do, lovely holidays, happy times with our grandparents etc.

As I grew up and started to understand more I could see that all was not well between my parents and they divorced when I was 24. I admire them for sticking it out and making sure my sister and I were brought up in a secure home as it could easily have been so different. I always felt loved by both of them even though I clashed with my dad as a teenager. I feel my mum and dad always put us first so tolerated their marriage until we were grown up.
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My favorite childhood memories was during summer vacation. Me and my sister were spending our time in the house of my grand parents. Not only us, but we spend less than 2 months in the house of my grandparents with our cousins. We were living in one house. It is happy because you get to know them well and to be with them is such full of enjoyment. I got to play almost everyday, but my grandparents teach us to do household chores before anything else. I learn to wash the dishes, sweep the floor and sweep the leaves in the ground. We also exercise in the morning. What we do was to wake up at 5 in the morning, wearing our exercise clothes and then we will go jogging around the neighborhood. It was so cold back then and we were like running around the neighborhood full of trees. It was dark so we all make noises for us not to be afraid. After that we will have our breakfast and it will start our day. It is the best childhood ever because I got to know myself and what i can do for my cousins and grandparents. 
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Anytime I see any question on childhood memories, it brings back the nostalgic feelings and I love my growing up days the more. I grew up in the family of liberal parents that See's limiting a child as a sin,so we were given the free hsnds to explore our fantasies and realities and I always have them to thanked for every exposure I have in my life.

Life was beautiful and fulfilled then,I enjoyed almost all the birthday parties in the neighborhood, in my school and local church.Visited a lot of places,went on vacation and also spend time with my friends and family.

We used to have family get together more often than not and mum was always on hand to prepare different delicacies for our eating was really amazing growing up in my family.

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