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There was a time that you know all what you want to say but when you are in front of that person... totally blank!image

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That happens a lot to me especially if I don't find it interesting or we have nothing in common.
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I have never felt that way before though, I guess it's because I always have something to say before embarking on a conversation with anybody. The awkwardness of feeling dumfounded is something that happens due to overlapping in thinking pattern especially when someone is engaging in over thinking.
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This is me most of the time. I usually shut myself up and do something else to get away from awkwardness.

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This made me smile because my nephew is one of these people who would rather say anything than nothing at all so if he is in a situation where it is too quiet and no one is speaking he will spout absolute rubbish which is even more embarrassing!

I think we've all been there, confronted with someone we have nothing in common with and have to fight for conversation. I always try to ask a person general questions such as their name, where they come from etc. but if they only respond with short answers you are fighting a losing battle! Sometimes it can be someone you know but don't get on with and I find that kind of situation awkward. It's probably better just to tolerate the situation and try and find a way to move away from people like this but don't feel you're the only one that gets in these situations, we all do from time to time.

If you are talking about someone you like romantically this can be awkward too but that person is probably feeling just the same. Just be yourself, try and relax and show them in other ways that you like them, smile, ask them how they are, what they have been up to and eventually the conversation will start to flow.
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Yes it always sounds akward especially before meeting the person you'd rehearsed a couple times but you end up being damn. The most probable reason behind is fear. Fear conquers everything, but this can be fought with a lot of courage and confidence. Its not only when you're approaching someone but even when there's a meeting and maybe its the first time you're attending the meeting. In fact you might even find yourself talking of something that's totally different that you'd intended to say.

In the both situations you have to remain calm before approaching the person or the group. There's no need of doing rehearsals, the best way is to analyse the points in your memory. Even if there's fear in you, don't try showing the person that you're tensed or you're not courage. You do this several times and you'll surely get used to it. Before talking, take a deep breath but let no one sees because they'll definitely conclude you're afraid.
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You will feel awkward if the other person will not say anything after a greetings, or to make it worst, when they do not notice you despite making a scene. It happens to me all the time that is why I became introvert. There are people that don't notice you despite being friendly. I feel some insecure there or they will just choose the people that they will know or be friends with. I can be too quiet and I can be too talkative. It depends on the response of the people around me. Sometimes, when I said something and the people around me will just look at me and nod, I will not continue. This surely stops me from initiating to tell something again. Some people do not feel like talking to me when I start a conversation, that is why at present, I wait for someone to start a conversation and I will surely response in a friendly matter. People are people, they choose the people they talk with so I should be like that too. 
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I know a few people who can say or speak about what they'd like to tell a person, but when they try and confront this person the words just don't come out. I feel this is because they are embarrassed or fear this person and that is one reason they can no longer talk. Another reason could deal with not wanting to confront a person around others. You might feel bad if you have something to say that is hurtful and you don't want others to look at you and have the wrong opinion. 

There are some people who can work things out in their mind and when it comes time to talk they lose their courage. They look around them and see others around and feel bad about wanting to say what they had come to say. While other people don't care what they say to people or how bad they make a person feel. They never think twice before talking. This makes them look like a jerk most of the time and they don't care what people think of them at all. I know a few people like this and I try hard to avoid them and not be around them at all. 
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It is and it isn't.

It is, when people expects something from you but then you just remain quiet. If you are having problems articulating your thoughts, then spend some time thinking about it thoroughly before actually speaking. Or else, you might end up saying things you do not really mean to say.

Personally, most of the times I would just like to listen to what other people would have to say. There is a saying that when you speak, you are just repeating what you actually know but when you start to openly listen, you may learn something new.

I think we all have come across this situation. In case you fail the first time you try to speak your mind, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a second chance.
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oh I get that feeling a lot. I'm not always the regular person that talks about the regular things when I meet people. I'm not sure what exactly to say so I always find myself in that awkward position. It takes me much longer to warm up to new people.

When it's a person with mutual feelings for me, I could be at a loss for the right words and I'm scared I would sound lame or probably say too much and somehow the words go blank. Later when I sit back and reminisce, I say to myself "why didn't I say this."

I deal with this by just making myself as comfortable as I can get in front of others regardless of any other thing.
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I think I can totally relate to this and I ask myself what really happened ,did cat cut my tongue or what was the problem. It can really be awkward especially if one had the great confidence that the issue at hand will be resolved when once one confront the other person and become tongue tie when one come face to face with the person involved.

From my experience I will attribute this to anxiety and it funny that we get anxious over nothing like in my own case .It just like the case of job interviews or going before any panel one can really get lost of words when one was already convinced that the will be explosion when faced with the panel or people. I no longer experienced this because I have been able to raise my esteem above par and trained myself to have all the confidence I can get.

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