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It actually depends with which kind of punishment exactly. Some punishment end up hurting students instead of making them learn a lesson so that they don't end up repeating the same mistakes they'd done before. For instance, there's a certain schoo i know in which when a student does mistake, he's given a sand paper then told to scrub the back of a tree that's very rough until its smooth. Surely, which kind of a punishment is this, will it benefit the student in any way?

What I think is, for instance the student (s) has failed in an exam, instead of being canned or even expelled from the scho, the teachers should negotiate with the parents so that the kids could remain for three more weeks while others go home for the holiday. This students that have remained in school will hence undergo a thorough tutoring and am pretty sure the kids will get something out of the tuition. Next time, these students will really work hard so that they don't find themselves in such a situation some other time again.
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I don't believe in punishments, I don't see any benefits in punishments. You cannot make people follow you by punishment. Instead of following you, they will begin to rebel. You cannot force people to become disciplined by punishing them. Punishment never works. 
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Every school needs rules and a way of enforcing them so if children do not follow them there should be some form of punishment.  Imagine if there was no punishment, the kids would be running riot! The benefits of issuing punishments is hopefully an orderly establishment.

When I was at school the punishments were harsh, we would get caned and publicly humiliated. I remember a teacher picking me off the floor by my collar and raising me in the air for not giving in my homework on the right day. The same teacher put a 14 year old boy across his knee and smacked his backside in front of the whole class. Although this kept us in good order I think it was wrong.

These days the children are given detentions or have privileges taken away and I think this is just as effective. Punishment is needed to control bad behaviour but the methods used today are better. Teachers would end up in court if they dealt out the punishments that I was subjected to when I was there.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
It depends of what punishment the teacher or professor gives to the student. Even parents give punishment to their children so I guess it is part of the lives of a person that when one did something bad and not following a certain rule, there will be punishment. I just hope that the punishment will able to help the other person to learn from their mistakes and to always remember the rules because it has consequences. At school, the benefits of punishment is typically by learning from mistakes and to correct that mistakes to never happen again. It is beneficial and effective on some. It depends on the kinds of punishment if a certain student will able to learn from it because some punishment only leads them to feel bad about themselves, belittle by fellow students, be feel humiliated and some are even traumatic. I hope they measure the punishment only for learning area and this punishment will be considered by the other student to not commit the same mistake as the other student did. 
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 66
Enforcing punishments can serve as a way of disciplining students. It should, and must be, intended to correct them from disobedience and to train them on how they should behave. Hence, when a teacher is punishing students, he or she should make them understand why they are being punished or else they might get the wrong impression.

Moreover, one should also be careful about enforcing punishments because it may look like those that are being punished are not granted the opportunity to correct their mistakes; rather, they are immediately being scrutinized for what they've done. They should also be given the chance to speak or defend themselves because that's how the real world should operate.

Personally, I am not giving my 100% approval with this. A student's mistake should not always be accompanied by a corresponding punishment. Rather, he or she should be taught of the things that he or she should've done.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 73
I believe punishment is the right way to put all pupils and students alike in check.Check out a School without punishment then the children will go haywire.

I have never supported lack of punishment at school for students because I know this is the only way to get most things done but the punishment mustn't be corporal punishment.

Punishment can help a child learn morals.

It helps a child to realized the bad things done to take appropriate correction.

Help put all children in check to avoid misbehavior

It helps to shape the pupils and students behavior hereby making them good children.

It helps maintain peace and decorum in a school premises and instill into the kids the fear to always do good.
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Punishments are of varying degrees. And the type that's meted out in schools depends on the decision made by the administrative heads of the school.

Punishment has it own benefits if done rightly. But at time it is done in a manner that does not achieve the purpose its intended for, and in such cases its aim is defeated. Basically punishment is met to correct and instill good behavior in students. Punishment gone wrong is the type done out of wickedness, and nothing can't be learnt from such punishment.
Caregivers and teachers of schools should be able to strike a balance between these two classes of punishments in order for the purpose which is designed for(that's to correct) is achieved in the lives of these students in our schools.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 26
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Punishment is good because there needs to be some sort of order in society. However, the kind of punishment given to students matter. I am not in support of corporal punishment because I believe there are other effective ways to discipline a child without inflicting pain. Yelling and also talking down on students is also no good.

When a student makes a mistake, they should be made to understand the consequences of their actions first and why they need to be punished else they may not be remorse. That definitely makes them understand that they've been bad and they have to change.
A student can be given detention, notes, homeworks, suspension etc. You can also take away the rights to some extra curricular activities that they have. This tells them that they can't do bad and get away with.
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answered by ELITE (3,084 points) 3 6 14
Punishment is actually a correction system used to correct and avoid future repetitions of acts that are not acceptable by moral and societal laws.

In my way of reasoning if punishment is removed from human existenceexistence, a lot of moral and fear of positive justification will disappear from humanity and lawlessness will take over the world.

When a man becomes free to do anything as thought and wills, without being questioned such a person can decides to swallow the entire world without remorse.

In our school and home, right from the upbringing of a child, a child is taught moral and disciplined accordingly most times when he or she goes wrong. The purpose is not to be wicked to such child rather to serve as deterrent for such crime not to be repeated. And trust me in most cases, such a child will grow up a better person.

The prison is another sectional area for punishing and reabilitating offenders and criminals. It serves as punishment uunit since the right to movement and other right will be withdrawn and coupled with other disgusting life's there. Many prisoners become a better person when released or freed.

So punishment is actually a conventional need to promote peaceful existence and remove lawlessness and every form of societal disjoint.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 91
As long as the educational system is concerned, the discipline department is a must because it's the only way to having order thrive in the school and it's helps to have the students under control with good and respectful behavior. When students are not controlled in their various schools, most of them tend to behave like animals.

I have been in the educational system on part time basis and I have seen so much unwarranted behavior from some students and the only logical conclusion for these students to be behaving in such manners is that they lacked proper home training.
The punishment principles used in school shouldn't be abused in any way even though it's aimed at helping to correct the students bad habits and behaviors.
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Punishment is simply an act of discipline. In order for people to be held accountable for certain wrong actions which is against the laws or rules of any institution they belong too, punishment has to be put in place with exception of nobody regardless of your position in the society.

Drawing from the above, i believe an institution like a school has to have punishment in place given it's role in the education of pupils which will eventually play a role of making them who they are in the future. Hence, I believe punishing kids in school for their wrong actions is of utmost importance. If they can't get disciplined in a place of learning, how will they know the difference between right and wrong?

However, the act of punishment shouldn't be over exercised. I've seen some type of punishment given to kids which I believed were to harsh. Some punishments are too aggressive and can affect a child's mental state if done repeatedly. It is of my opinion that punishment should be put in a place at all times, but should also be controlled in a manner that it doesn't get to affect the defaulter physically, mentally or even both.

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