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Caning is a method which brought discipline through fear. When we were young, we became good and disciplined because of caning. The thrash of the cane had the capacity of producing quick results.

Now it is no more. Spare the rod and spoil the child, has evaporated in thin air. Now everybody is crying that our youth are spoiled.

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Yes it does, but not as much as it did during our days. Nowadays children have a say in what goes on around them, so it wouldn't be that easy to beat them. Before you do that you will first get challenged definitely.

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I grew up and went to school in an era that did allow the authorities to beat a student if the parents gave them permission. Thankfully, my parent's refused this and wouldn't allow the school to touch us. However, when I left France to go to America to school this wasn't possible. They no longer were allowed to hit a child in school. 

Years ago in Tahiti, the teachers were allowed to hit students in the class. However, the parent's here on the islands rebelled over this behavior and called it unjust. That a professional that was hired to teach their children shouldn't be allowed to hit a child in the classroom. Furthermore, they were no longer allowed to send the student to the head of the school where he was allowed to hit the child. 

Now on the islands, this no longer exists and if a student is punished they are expelled from school for a few days. I feel this is the right way to do this. When in France I never saw one student being hit by the teacher and also in America this didn't exist either.

When my daughter grew up and went to school they were not allowed to touch the children in the school. If a teacher ever hit my child I would press charges against them. This is not the way to teach a child in school. 
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It was banned some years back but till now it exists but done illegally. Some schools believe that the only way they can instill discipline in the students is through beating them. In fact, some teachers are really brutal and you even wonder that its a human being they're canning and not some animal. In some locations within my country you might find a teacher beating the child almost to death and you really fail to understand.

On the other hand, parents and guardians had failed in there role as parents and left most of the to the teachers. You might find that teachers spend most of their time with the students unlike parents do. The teacher hence gets angry when he teaches the kid something but fails to get it better and the results end up being beating.

Speaking to the students once in a while and telling them whats right and what's wrong can help out and solve this whole issue of beating students which endangers their lives.
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This is very much alive in my country. Canning student seems as normal as reprimanding a child. It is like the first thing to do when a child does wrong. Throughout my primary and secondary school, we were always flogged with canes and asked to kneel down. Sometimes it gets as severe as asking us to crawl with our knees getting bruised. I went to Military schools and this was viewed as normal punishment.

Unfortunately this still happens and the worst part is that it isn't a punishable offence. In fact it isn't an offence and this is totally wrong. There are only a few private school owners That do not allow teachers to hit kids no matter how rude they get. For this to stop the entire system and views need to change and it starts with all citizens to identify that it is a problem. 
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Yes, it does. Sometimes I will just find a video that is becoming trending in the internet that a student is beating a co-student in the school. This is quite shocking because everyone in the video are minors and they are beating a fellow student. It is an obvious case of bullying and it quite shocking that some of the students finds it entertaining. Not only that, there are still professors and teachers that are beating their own student. They even throw things at them and humiliating them in front of the class. I saw a student slapping a 3rd grader in the class because he don't know how to use color pens. She is obviously not patient on teaching her student or maybe having a bad day. This is frightening as it happens anywhere. It could happen to anyone, to any student. It could happen to my nephew and I don't want it to happen. Those who are in the video are already punished but still I think we cannot control it. 
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Beating can not overcome the issues its not the way to sort out problems. In early 70s it was very common in schools it was normal thing to visualize in schools. But now its controlled i can not claim that its stopped by 100% but but is quiet reduced in this decade. Private schools have almost done the things and taken stapes to overcome the thread of beating but in government schools, there are some teachers who are using these techniques to teach student. By beating students  students might remember the words but cant memorize the theme or cant assure the real meaning of adding these words in the subject. For me beating the student is a brutal act. Its illegal internationally in mist of the countries and steps are being taken to reduce this.

We should deal with the pupil gently and with patience so they dont just know the words but the concept hidden in those words. 
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No it most definitely does not and hasn't done for many years. It existed in the 60s when I was a child at school. Caning was common back then and most of us were afraid of being punished this way so we made sure we didn't step out of line too much.

These days it is very much against the law and any teacher found beating a child would be immediately suspended and probably end up in court. Corporal punishment was banned by British Parliament in 1986 in state schools and some private schools. It was banned completely in England and Wales in 1998 although in Scotland and Ireland it was later. Now they have to find other ways of punishing unruly students such as detentions or withdrawal of privileges.
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Yes, sadly, it still exists in my country. Teachers are still beating students even though it is against the law. We have had so many cases of teachers getting so angry and beating the students and actually hurting them. Last year, a teacher was beating a student and he actually beat him so hard and with a sharp object. The student had his hand cut and it was severe and he was rushed to the hospital. The teacher was prosecuted and went to jail and the student has fully recovered. But there were other cases where students were seriously hurt and did not recover. Other incidents also occurred when students were abusive towards their teachers. Some even beat their teachers and some of them were seriously hurt.
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There have been a rule against any beating or flogging of any pupils or student in my country and I totally support because some teachers don't just know when to stop.

I have always advocated the stick and carrot approach of punishment, no need injuring a child all in the name of punishment. I use this method on my kids and it has  really been helpful. Praise a child when due and withdraw the praise when erred.

Kids and children feel miserable when their plaything or anything they love is taken away, so School should adopt that. Even a child's snack can be withdrawn to make such a child sit up.

Though I'm hardly around all day in schools but the little times I have been there, the schools have adhere strictly.
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In my country per say, yes but it depends on the school. There are some schools where it is prohibited while there are those schools that still perpetuate it. Some schools feel their students shouldn't be beaten maybe because of past experiences they had with beating students. Perhaps some teachers in such schools had one time abused it by excessively beating the students to the point of inflicting injuries on their bodies. And this coupled with the pressure from parents made them to stop beating their students.

There are other Schools that are still allowing their students to be punished through beating them in order for their excesses to be curtailed and to use them as deterrents to other recalcitrant students. Why it's like this is because of the students think they are untouchable through their nonchalantant attitudes towards their studies and to the school rules and regulations.

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