What are the common features of field sales tracking software?
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Following are the common features of field sales tracking software according to the experts:

1. GPS live tracking- Live location by GPS is most important one. When an employee is out in the field or is stable at one place, it will be easily seen. Further, the team working, will more easily complete any task related to that employee.

2. Informative main page- The main page of the software should be full of knowledge and easy to navigate. This will help both consumers and the team working on the software.

3. Security features- The software should be equipped with essential security features for both working team and users. This will help in stopping data leak.

4. Integration- The software should be easily integrated to various other applications such as email, telephone, bookkeeping etc. as per requirement.

5. Quick reach to customers- Sales will go up if the reach to the customers will be sufficiently quick. Fast response to the customers and quick delivery of the service is what expected nowadays, according to experts.
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