What foods should I carry while traveling abroad
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It depends where you going and how much time you will spend on the journey. Typically some people are not tolerant of eating while travelling. At times you may know a good restaurant to stop by and have your meal on the way. Nonetheless, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Carry at your own preference but make sure the food is eaten in good time to avoid eating spoiled food.
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Yes, you should carry some ready to ate foods. The food available in the country may not be liked by use. It will be difficult to find a place where our tasty food to get. So take noodles,soups,instant biriyani mix etc.
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I think junk foods are allowed to bring along with you. For fast food, it is best to buy it when you entered the immigration area.
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If you eat on the way travelling take apple and some snacks m but do not take food that get spoiled fast, there is no need because you can buy things to eat at the airport and in restaurants.
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You can if you are not accustomed to the food they have over there. Other than that I would not advise you to. You will be billed for extra luggage. It would be waste of money since there are restaurants there. If you are staying with someone, it would look like you don't trust the person.
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