Do persons simply fall "asleep" after death until their resurrection and judgment.
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Based on bible it says that dead people goes in purgatory first, but for me i dont actually believe it cuz 50% is science and 50% of it is god/religion
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no, a person who dies will not go to heaven directly. they can stay on earth invisibly for 7 days. No person with a soul cannot see the dead person but another dead person's soul can this person and can talk to each other. after 7 days they go back to either heaven or hell.
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After death, the souls of people still live waiting for the judgement day to come. The flesh part dies and goes away. During resurrection, the souls will be given glorious bodies and everyone will be judged according to their deeds. Where wrong doers will go to hell while the good people will enjoy living in heaven . This is according to biblical teachings
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As Roman Catholics, we believe that dead people go to a place called 'purgatory.' It is a place where Holy God will decide if they will be in heaven or hell.
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After death our body will be burried, our soul will stay in hades as it is the dwelling place of the dead waiting for the resurrection as Christ comes back and our spirit will go back to God our creator.After the judgement day, it will be experience by someone the reality of heaven and hell.
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No it's not possible if you die now you will not go to heaven or hell immediately you will have to wait for the trumpet to sound then you'll be resurrected for judgement.
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No not yet, a person will die and their bodies will be in permanent sleep. The one that will be in heaven is the soul. The souls will still wait until judgement day before they found out if it's in heaven or hell
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