Is there an interest taken by persons in heaven on people living on the earth?
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Yes they can as in heaven you  can see anything you want to see but heaven is so nice to a point I Doubt you will even want to think about or see anything about this life.
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Well, probably but they may be too pampered to care about it. After all, it is difficult to get sympathy for the people down here when you are in the spiritual version of a gold leaf Jacuzzi.
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We are on earth and anticipate according to biblical teachings to see heaven . We can't actually know if the people who once loved are in heaven watching cause God's judgement is coming with Jesus 
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When there is a problem or something not good happing yes they appear in the dream, and some times before something happen they also come in the dream and give some indications specially if someone sick or will dye.
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I believe , they cannot see or hear us. But certain people believe in second life. Is is a believing that our enemies in past life will be our children in present is a banana talk.
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Some illustrated Holy bibles or books show some illustrations of God, angels, and souls looking down on the Earth or planet. I cannot sure of the real truth about it.
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Yes for sure they see and know things occasions and events that occur or take place on earth in order for God to know what to do at any point in time.
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What do you want to say? Can you elaborate because I can't understand. They are just souls. Only God knows what's going on everywhere not the souls.
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No they can't because they're not a part of earth now. The example can be given in this way that we all live on earth but we don't know what's going on on the other part of the earth. Same case is with the souls. They're resting and they don't know what's going on on the earth.
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