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Greeting elders with "hello and hi" is far from acceptable in my country. I come from a very traditional and religious country that regards morals in high esteem. This not to say that saying hello or high is immoral as done elsewhere. You can only greet your friends and perhaps younger ones that way. 

We greet with "Good morning or evening" depending on the time of the day and most times you accompany the salutation with Sir/Ma. Some certain parts of the country have the culture of even bowing to elders while greeting. It is a little strange when I hear people from other countries say hello to their elders although it is common acceptable practice for them as ours is here. 

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answered by LEGEND (6,395 points) 6 14 36
I don't think its a courteous language to use when approaching elders. Especially "hi" seems more of a slang unlike "hello". " Good evening, good morning, good afternoon" are the right kind of greetings we ought to use towards the elderly. The good thing with the curriculum in my country, it tackles all through from kindergarten upto a certain level so that the child grows knowing how use etiquette esoevit greeting.

The moment you great an elder person, "hi" a lot of things start lingering their mind. Some of them will obviously think you're spoilt and don't know the right language to use. This might even spoil your reputation as person especially if you're that kind of a person who seems to care a lot. Besides, they might even think that you're not learned. Even such  a simple thing you don't know how it should be.

Courtesy will never cost us anything, let's uphold respect for the elders.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,061 points) 5 21 52
Wher I am living we either greet a person with Bonjour or Irarana. Both of these greetings is a way to say hello. There really isn't a slang here to use to say hello or even hi. But when I travel to a country that speaks English I have used hello or even hi when I have greeted a person. 

I think if a person is older than you, it is more appropriate to say hello to them than hi. Hi, would be used more to greet a friend or even a person younger than you. I sort of reserve the greeting HI for a friend I know rather than greeting a person on the road. I personally don't see much wrong with this other than the fact it is how a person was raised. It is wise to know that older people would find this offensive and not like it so much. 
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actually, it depends upon the citizen of the country .but the most effective way to greet elders of other country is to welcome in their local greeting language .hi, hello is okay but to become genuine my way is preferable .loke good morning good evening .etc. in my country namaste Raam  Raam is the local way to greet elder which connect to the Indian directly .like this you can start the chat  with the elders in a respected country which will seem more effective and efficient way.

for example, if you are in India if y say raam raam then y can direct start a good conversation with Indian people 

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answered by ELITE (4,084 points) 7 27 72
Hello is definitely fine to address anyone no matter what age in the UK. Hi is more casual but it wouldn't offend an older person if you addressed them that way.  It's pretty laid back here when it comes to greeting people. If it was a formal occasion they might be greeted with good evening but for the most part greetings are usually quite casual here.

The younger generation might greet each other with "alright?" but I wouldn't feel comfortable speaking to an older person that way even though I'm sure they wouldn't mind. I suppose I would be considered an older person being in my sixties and people greet me in all sorts of ways but if I don't know them well they are more likely to say hello.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
Greeting an elderly in my country with hi or hello is an offensive thing to do,not when we have a tradition here in some part of the country where a junior person is expected to kneel and great an elderly person .

In my state though we don't kneel to greet but you must greet with great respect by standing still when greeting an elder.

But come to think of,I think it unwise for the junior ones to just say hi in the passing to their parents or elderly ones.This doesn't shows decorum or respect for Seniors no matter ones culture or tradition. There are things that are not naturally right even if we see nothing wrong with it in our location or culture. Respect should be accorded to the elderly.

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