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What kind of water do you drink, tap, bottled or sachet? How healthy is it?

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Sachet water is sold in every nook and cranny in my country. It is the most consumed form of water and I admit that they aren't all healthy. Some of these factories that produce them do not treat the water properly and this is usually the major cause of typhoid. Secondly, these sachets aren't eco-friendly. They are made of high density polyethylene, type 2 plastic which are non-biodegradables.

Sachet water is the cheapest form of water in my country. Tap water is only available in more urban settlement and the chlorine content sometimes inhibits its consumption. Bottled water is sold at five times the price of sachet water but it is better as the plastics can be recycled. 
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No we don't satchet water in my country, instead we have bottled water going as low as $0.20 per bottle. I prefer drinking distilled water and if its not available then I prefer drinking bottled water. The only problem with bottled water in my country is that you cannot trust the source because its all about business. You might find that a certain bottled water is salty and you fail to understand why.

Alternatively, I usually take tap water, then boil it then store it in a cool place in a bottle then that's what I'll be drinking. Else, I usually take tap water then add some water guard let it cool for 30minutes and then it will be safe to drink. What I have realised is that in country, water is always clean especially in the big cities. But we just can't make that assumption, prevention is always better than cure.
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I live on an island and I have a river that flows in front of my home. Where I live we have a natural source of water that comes up from the ground and is used for drinking and supplies all the water to the area where I live. The water that comes to our home is natural water that doesn't need chemicals or even filtering. The water is collected in a large tank that is constantly full because of the water source and how it arises from the ground. 

There are several natural sources around our island where people can go to fill their water bottles. On the natural source, the water just flows freely and it runs all the time. There is no turning it off or on. When you go there you will find several sprouts coming out and you just need to put your bottle under one and fill it up. 

We have 2 water bottling companies here on the islands that bottle the water from the natural source. Therefore, there is no need to drink water from a sachet and we can drink water directly from the tap. 
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I had never seen sachet water before until when I joined campus. The university is located in a very hot region of my country. The water is so scarce and the little available is often salty. I do not like drinking the sachet water but sometimes I am forced to due to the weather and thirst that comes with the heat.
I rarely use bottled water. They make me feel like I have wasted the money so I prefer walking around with a water bottle filled with water from my house.
At home we often use tap water. It is usually boiled and stored in a clean traditional pot. The pot keeps water cold and safe for drinking over a long period of time.
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All kind of water is sold in my country frim bottled, packaged or sachet csn easily get them from any nearby local water selling stores. The good thing here is that these water are NAFDAC certified before they are sold in the market. This is to say one must be accessed by the regulatory called NAFDAC to  get an approval before starting a water selling business.

Back to your question,yes sachet water is sold in my country and it very affordable too.A bag of sachet's water  which is about 20 sachets per bag goes for 70 cents while each sachet is about 3 cents.

Sachet water is well packaged in my country for use and it all packaged in a clean and heathy environment.
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We do not have sachet water in our country. What we often drink are bottled waters, which come in different volumes starting from 350 ml up to 6L. However, these are a bit expensive compared to the usual household water that come in huge blue refillable containers of 20 L for only 2 USD per refill.

However, there are times when the delivery's late or that the stores are closed; hence, we opt to use tap water and just boil and reboil it until such time when we think it's finally safe to drink. Others, on the other hand, buy water filters that can be attached directly to the faucet so that they will not be compelled to regularly buy mineral or alkaline water.
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Yes! Everywhere you turn in my country sachet/bottle water is drank by virtually everyone. It's like that because it is the easiest to drink because there's nowhere its not being sold, from stores to highways, market place to bus stop. Commercially, it has contributed to our economy tremendously. Those that are average income earners who have made substantial savings over time has ventured into it and they have made fortune from the business.
Apart from sachet/bottle water, we also have other sources of drinking water. We have the pipe borne water often used by those in the urban cities. While we also have the borehole dug in most rural community.
Water is not a problem in my country essentially because we are water locked country. And anyone of them you choose to drink is safe and good for your health.
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Sachet of water? I think we have something that we call, ice water. It is a water that should be sold as Ice, but there is still water inside it, or the water is not that hard, so it will be a cold water in a plastic. The plastic is clean. During summer in our country, everyone is buying ice water and ice. I also patronize this. When there are no electricity, in order to buy cold water you need to buy ice water. There is also bottled water, I am not sure if we have water in the sachet. I think maybe in some groceries there will be something like that, but I haven't seen it in my place. Locals are using ice water even in making juices that they sell in the street. It helps others who are in street and wants some refreshment. It is quite a success selling that.
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The classes of water mentioned here  that is tap,  bottle and satchet water are all sold in my country. Satchet water is the most available every where be it rural or urban areas because it is very cheap,  it is popularly  called "pure water" by majority of the citizens,  it cost 10 cents for 50cl. The bottles water is also available but they are mostly sold in shops or malls not like satchet water that can be hawked.
As regards to treatment, most companies treat their water to a very reasonable extent just for them maintain a standard especially the satchet cos all bottled water are all treated before sales.  The only challenge is that satchet water bag or leather is made of polymal that tend to affect the water whenever it is heated, there tends to expansion in the for of reactions  which is not really hygienic for our consumption though the effect may be insignificant

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