What foods/meals can be stored as shelf-stable meals/foods.
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If you're not so interested in flavor you can pick up MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) at Army Navy stores that are easy to make and eat and provide the nutrition you need. 
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Healthy meals with healthy ingredients including Omega food,Salad dressings and a bit of a chicken,for drinking you can make your own juice by squashing oranges to extract liquid you can also add nuts on your meals
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Ready to eat instant noodles, salad, chappati, instant curry mix are available in the market. Nuggets,sausage, ham etc can be used.fish,egg, milk products are also able to cook easily.
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Where I'm from, dishes with vinegar are popular. They have long shelf lives because the vinegar's acetic acid kills microbes and delay food spoilage. 
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