Do you find earrings attractive on men?
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Not in my opion. Some men !an like younger ones but to be honest not everything looks good on anyone. Even ladies for example and don't forget about crossdressers. For them they are lucky they usually look good on crossdressers.
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I agree with you some styles are not for everyone. Some  people don't look good with piercing it just dept with the shape of your head. Same to clothes that's how earing are it is meant for certain people. 
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It's has long been a trend for men to wear earrings and yes it makes them look more attractive and feel confident in themselves. Nothing is wrong with it once it is an individual choice.
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    Earrings on men are a big no no,I once told a man who wants me that earrings on a man are a big turn off for me I'm sorry, I can't be wearings earrings and he is also has a bling no sorry
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One of the main reasons why men wear earrings believe their confidence in their masculinity and style and even rebellious edge. For me guy who has a single earring is quite attractive. Featuring a simple design, studs are comfortable to wear and look great with any outfit.
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According to me I find that they look attractive to some men while others just look weird. I also find it informal to wear earrings at the office as a man. For me earing are just meant for women but nowadays people are just different. No man in my family has iercwd but I see alot of youth in my are doing that. Plust plaiting their hair men are also plaiting them too. 
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