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I prefer not to do that because I don't want to be influenced by anything another person has said. I usually write out my reply and then look at the previous answers. Sometimes I may have repeated something another person says but only because I have the same opinion. It is not deliberate copying. What do you do?
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Why would an answerer do that? I don't see sense in that at all because I believe the site is looking for unique answers that would be authentic and original. Going through all the answers before providing yours can be likened to plagiarism, which in my own opinion is not appropriate.
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I was thinking that some people might want to read previous answers to make sure they didn't repeat anything that had already been said.
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Whatever it is that has already be said should not in anyway align with yours if you're using your own initiative in answering the question. It might be similar but not the same in its presentation. Take for example, you are the first person providing an answer to a question. Where do you draw your inspiration from to answer the question?
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Sometimes I do but, sometimes I don't. I read some andwer to get an insight and what can I add to the question tjat had already answered.

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I do not read all the responses here before answering a question. It is because, I think it is a waste of time. Moreover, when we actually go to the editor to answer the question, knowingly or unknowingly, we may say or repeat what has been said already. I do not want  this to happen.

I want my answers  to be unique and from my mind from what I have already learned on the question. This way, I am able to share my knowledge on the question asked to the extent possible which will also satisfy the person who asked the question. And who knows, if he liked my answer, he may give me a thanks too in the bargain.
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Most times I can't help it but read other people's answers and in those cases, my opinions are usually strongly different. I read previous answers because I don't want to end up writing what another person has written. Fortunately my answers are quite different. Apart from that, I like to read and understand other people's perspectives on certain topics. They are quite interesting.

Other times when I research about an answer, I find out that the previous person probably did the same research but failed to put it in the way that they understand and it is quite obvious. I guess writing the same thing is useless since it has been written before. This is why I prefer topics I have ample knowledge about. This way, my answer will be very unique.
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I don't find it that inspiring to read all the answers before I answer a question on here. Basically the only time I will spend reading a lot of answers is on a question I've answered. However, on some technical questions on here, I have spent a bit of time to read the answers.
I find out that many people don't really answer the question at hand or give the correct answer. They half read the technical question and then go off and answer them. This doesn't help the person and it is hard not to read these types of answer to see what people have said.
The answer to a simple question about what is your favorite color, foods, or even music is a waste of time to read the answers on these. They are basically there for the person who asked these types of question. I just feel technical questions are important and people ask them because they really need help in fixing a problem they have.

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