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Do you prefer buying clothes from famous brands or designers? Do you think it worth the money?
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Yes. It is because, nowadays everything has become a business and every businessman is out to exploit the public.
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Sometimes i think it is a waste really for most of the people, but for others like the celebrities we have, to them its not a big deal because they have the money to spend or if you can say throw around. Am sure many of us are feeling the pinch of life getting harder each day. We cannot afford to spend so much on a shoe or a cloth just to make a point. To me so long as i am comfortable with what i have on,that's all that matters. Wh6 else would someone buy such an expensive cloth and wear it only once, it's usually for the show nothing else. Am sure if you were to look around you would get something similar for less. Actually its usually the name that sales, so when you buy a designer cloth your buying it to be recognized my thoughts.
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One thing that is very common with purchasing your clothes from a popular designer is the high cost of their clothes. If you can afford to buy from them, I don't see anything wrong with it because the clothes would be unique and super cute. 
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For rich people it won't be a waste of money in fact it's their way of investment.
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Everyone has their own thinking, some people like to wear expensive clothes of fashion designers because those people can afford such a dressing and that's why they always give priority to buy clothes from fashion designs. On the same the person who has a very limited budget of a month so he will automatically wear the cheap suites and dislike the clothing of fashion designers because of high rates.  
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It depends. If you are rich then you will automatically wear clothes of famous designers and if you have not enough resources and spend a very life then it's clear your priority is to buy simple and less expensive clothes. Maybe my opinion is wrong. I'm not saying that I am right, but if I am wrong then give your solid reason to neglect my opinion. Thank you

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For everyday work, life, and hanging out there is no need to buy expensive designer clothes at all. I feel this is sort of a waste of money and who cares what you're wearing. However, if you are an executive in a fortune 500 company it might be necessary to buy these types of clothes for work. They say that you need to dress for success.

I have never been a person who loves to dress up in fancy clothes and especially ones with designer labels on them. I would much rather put on a pair of shorts or jeans and go out the door. I feel uncomfortable in these types of clothes so there is actually no need to spend the money on them. It is better to buy clothes that you feel comfortable wearing.

I can see why people in the music or film industry will buy these types of clothes or even models. I feel they are good for them, but in everyday life, I don't find much use for them at all.
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It isn't a waste of money if you've really got the money and you have a reputation to uphold. Most people that wear designer clothing and accessories do it for social acceptance and to meet up standards while others Just love it because they have the money and they feel designers are the authentic real stuff.

Personally, I own some designer stuff but I do not make it a must to wear designer clothing and accessories. I feel I can get Just about the same stuff and quality outside the designer range. The reason why designers are more expensive is because they come from people who have carved a niche for themselves. Hence by just putting up their names on something, it becomes more valuable.
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They always say that, you cut your coat according to your size. There's no way you can be making something like $100 per month and you intending to buy designer clothes. In this $100 you expect to pay bills, cover other expenses and still want some pocket money. This won't make sense at all. If you really need to adjust into designer clothes, that's a very perfect idea but dig deep into your pocket but if you have more than enough money, then you're good to go.

Nothing wastes money as long as it benefits you in one way or another. Especially a cloth is something that will benefit you for a long period of time. Besides aside from designer clothes, there's lots of clothes in the market that will make you more beautiful. In summary designer clothes are very awesome but if you can't afford, just go for the cheap one's as long as they're decent and presentable.
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Buying clothes from famous designer is a  must have because of the quality of the clothes. For sure, it is good in quality because the materials that they used comes from expensive manufacturers. There are branded clothes that you can use for a special event, however, it is not advisable for a average earner people. Some people can really afford to buy these clothes, but it is not practical. Some of the tag of the clothes are hidden in the clothes and if you are trying to impress someone, they will not know. If you are love to buy branded clothes, that is okay as long as it will make you happy, but for practicality sake, it is will not help you to save money. For sure you are only wasting your money if you don't have money at all. There are clothes that is in good quality, you can wear anytime and again and again, but the price is just fine. If you can afford to buy, there is nothing wrong, nothing can stop you, but you can only wear it on some certain occasion and it will take time to wear it again. 
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So you mean that quality is only on the pricey side every time? Can't we get quality clothing at a cheap price?
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To be honest I don't buy famous brands. I buy good stuff, that I can wear every day, that is not expansive. I mean, to buy a hat and to pay 1000 $ for that hat, is insane. Why would do that, when you can find a similar hat, for, let's say 5$. Well, you can say, it's brand that sells that kind of thing, but, if you are not a snob who parade with brand name and you are a normal person, with normal needs, then why you need a brand. Ah, probably because you show yourself as an important person who can say"-Look at me, and, look what I'm wearing. Stupid, childish and not good .leave that things to important, rock star or some other media star, to parade with that. If you are a common, normal person, you don't need a brand. You are what you are. And, expensive clothes with some big brand name is not going to change that.
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While buying clothes from designers and well known brands isn't necessarily a waste but sometimes I don't see the sense in it. If I can just get what I want even the best from unknown brands for less then I will gladly continue to buy the unknown brands.

Branded clothes don't come cheap because we are not just buying the clothes but with the brand name,so it no longer about me just paying for the quality of clothes per say but also for the brand name. Which I don't understand why I should.

I could go to the lowest of stores to get my clothing provided it is fitting,of standard and the clothing looks clean and presentable.Then I'm cool with it.
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Well it depends on your perspective. If you feel good in designer clothes and you can afford them then it's not a waste of money, If you can't really afford them but buy them anyway then yes it is a waste because the money could be spent on more worthwhile things.

You can buy clothes that are of very good quality that do not have a label and that's more important to me. If I ever had designer clothes it was because someone else bought them for me and it was normally when I was a lot younger. I think for the very young it is important to impress your friends and wearing nice clothes is a way to do it. As we grow older we realise how unimportant that is and it is the person underneath that counts.

I remember seeing a programme on a woman who spent hundreds of pounds on designer clothes for her toddler. She would scrimp and save to be able to afford them. He wasn't allowed to play or get his clothes dirty. Playing and getting dirty is such an important part of childhood and I wonder how this will affect him in later life.
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There is nothing wrong with buying branded clothes, especially if you have the money. We all have the right to express ourselves and we are not supposed to always justify our actions whenever other people find fault in it.

However, if you are just doing it out of peer pressure and pleasing other people, I would suggest that you start weighing your priorities. Would it be better to have a collection of designer clothes than being able to budget your money and pay your bills on time? Do you not want to allot your supposedly extra money on other worthwhile activities? Would you not consider saving for the future?

Remember, you do not have to wear expensive clothes just to look good. You just need to pull off whatever you have and what you think suits you. If I am to choose between comfort and fashion, I will always choose comfort.


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