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Of course, it does. AC or any other cooling appliances are not ideal for use in feverish conditions. Ordinarily without the presence of these appliances one's body is already highly vulnerable to fever talk more of using them. You would observe that during cold season people are prone to having cold and catarrh as well as every other symptoms of fever including flu.

Basically, AC exacerbate feverish conditions because the individual's respiratory system is highly compromised as cold from gets into the organs for gaseous exchange. The functional efficiency of these organs such as nostril, trachea, lungs and diaphragm is seriously reduced as they shrink from their normal sizes.

The abnormal shrinkage is these respiratory organs would force them to present difficulty in breathing before it would affect the immune system as its antibodies is rendered ineffective by the symptoms caused by the cold from AC.
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Yes, it can definitely make your fever and general condition worse, especially if the Air conditioner hasn't had its filters cleaned in a while.

I will point out some of the reasons why AC is terrible when you have a fever - even if we are thinking of the clean AC of a car.

1) Your fever weakens your body, when you are under AC your mucosa (nostrils, eyes, mouth) goes drier being more receptive to bacteria and mites, for example, which can make your body worse as it will be something else for your already weak body to fight.

2) AC can also make you feel much worse as it makes already sick people mroe prone to getting into contact with dust, mite and other unpleasant odors. Also the air gets less fresh in areas where AC is on.
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From experience, I was at work when I had a fever last year and it did make the fever worse because the temperature is lower. I need the temperature to get higher and I need to perspire to lessen the temperature of my body. I did not perspire at work because I was on a room with lower temperature of air conditioning. What I did was to eat a soup, a very hot and spicy one and it did make me perspire. The soup, rest and medicine makes my temperature lesser. It is hard to work when you are not well. I cannot concentrate. It affected my sense of hearing and sense of sight. It was seeing blurred. I am the type of person that when I have fever, it would take a week before I can recover that is why I need to do sets of things to get well fast. It doesn't go on its own.
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