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I want to best,perfect photographer for my Pre-wedding photoshoot...

Any Recommendation...
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It depends on where you are located, but a rule of thumb is: resarch and keep in mind that most expensive is not necessarily the best!

There are many wedding ceremony companies that charge you a fortune and when your big day comes they send you a freelance photographer who has just begun.

Make sure you hire the photograper himself, no third parties"

Also make sure you ask for recommendations on facebook and check the person's job before actually hiring.
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I'm sure you are young and know many young brides around you. They were all in the same position you are in right now. They had no idea who to chose for their wedding photos. So here is the best way to start:

  1. Talk with some friend who was recently married. Ask them about their wedding photos. Maybe see a few of them. Find out if they were happy or not. Also, find out who they used.
  2. Make appointments with different photographers. See if you can visit their studio, see their work, and maybe ask them to take a few sample shots of you so you can see them before you hire them. Considering a lot of photography is now digital it won't hurt to see if they are willing to do a 5 or 10 shot of you in their studio and put it on the computer for you to see.
  3. Many of the best wedding shots are done by friends or people they know. So many people love photography that you might find a good photographer that loves this but isn't a professional. They know what people like and what to give them in a wedding.
  4. I know many people who were given a wedding gift from a photographer they knew. They took all their photos for their wedding and gave them a disk of the photos. All they needed to do was choose the ones they wanted and pay for the printing. 
  5. Many stores now offer photo printing and it is beautiful. I just visited one with my best friend and we selected her wedding photos to print out at the shop. It was a lot of fun and she could even change some of the images to black and white to add to her photo album. You might consider this one too. 
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First about the outfit, ensure its decent, attracting colour and you should be comfortable in it.The place you're planning to have photoshoot, let it be a beautiful place and unique as well(not a familiar place where people will easily recognize).

You of course will have to use money if you need the best.Hire the best photographers that have experience in dealing with weeding photoshoot. They might be expensive.
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Getting a good photographer for your pre wedding photoshoot shouldn't be much of a problem if you do some research you can get the very well. You can try out the following ways to get the very best you can work with.
You can start with offline in your location.i think it will be cheaper that way.Get to their different studios and ask to see their previous jobs and find out if you can work with any near you but if you have the money you can move farther and search on to get the very best even if it might cost you more then you can put your money down and get the service from there. If you're about quality then use the best.

If you still can't get the best then check online and check their sites for previous jobs if any is good for you then contact them and reach an agreement to hire him or her
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I'm not sure whether your wedding is long over by now but I think this will also help any other person with a similar question. I think getting the best photographer depends on your location. Although you can have the best come in from somewhere else. It is already expensive as it it for quality and so bringing someone over will cost you more.

These days, there are many you can find over the internet and social media promoting their crafts. Not all of them are experts but you can easily tell how good they are from their works posted online. Most of them have a presence online so you can easily contact then and fix an appointment. Some offer free trial and if you like it, the deal is sealed. They come with the full package, make up, costume etc.
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This is one very trending topic I come across almost everyday on social media these days. I do not know the main idea behind pre-wedding photos, but it's getting a lot of attention from prospective married couples.
A simple search on social media on the said subject will keep you amazed at photos you find. Some of them are completely hilarious, some are adorable, while others are just crazy and jaw dropping. I haven't gotten to that point in my life right now, so am unable to share personal experiences or recommend a good pre-wedding photographer for you. But am quiet ceryai that if you do a simple search over social media, you'd probably come up with results to your liking. I just hope you amaze our sights with beautiful pictures of you and your partner. All the best.
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