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The best thing happen in my life is when I have my first baby and the second child.
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My first daughter is the pride of my life and I love her more than anything in the world. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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The truth, when I had my daughter. I know I was only 18 years old when she was born and I thought it was the end of life for me to have fun. But it wasn't, it was just the beginning of life and a new adventure. At 18 life isn't easy, but with a small child to take care of and depend on you, you must find a way. This makes you stronger and more determined to protect a young life.

I think the day my daughter was born changed me forever. I was a young and very wild child because of what happened to me when I was younger. I was sent to America at the age of 13 to go to school and learn English. I felt rejected and not loved and that I was thrown away. This made me angry and lash out and do many stupid things. I did not care much for life and what I did. To me, life was one big party and the more I could do the better I felt about what happened to me.

Then the day she was born, all changed for me. I now had a reason to live and go on. I had a reason to better myself, go back to school and try to be the best person in the world for her. I swore the day she was born I would never leave her alone and send her away to go to school in another country. She made me who I am today and I am so thankful I had her so young. I fear if I didn't I might not be here today.
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Surviving death through a whisker. There's a time in my country we experienced the post election violence. The wars led to tribal clashes and it was mostly among four tribes. Lots of people were killed during that period. We could here rumours that at night, a bomb was going to be thrown in our vicinity. By then we were only two us of, my mom and I, my other siblings had travelled to the countryside and good this was that they were safe.
Fires were lighten every night and many a times you could here gunshots. I could here people wanting to break into our compound and this could tear us apart. By then, there's no access to food and water supplied was cut. People starved especially kids. What happened me and my mom is that we were from another tribe that was never involved in those politics. Above all, I really thank the Almight am alive till now.
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So many events in my life have been like a turning point in my life from Graduating when I should, to marrying my best friend to living a comfortable life but the one that gives me so much joy is when my partner survived a deadly fibroid.

Immediately we got married not too long she started experiencing serious abdominal pains, she took some antibiotics but she still wasn't comfortable so she visited the hospital and was told to run a scan and it was discovered she had fibroid and it needed to be taken out immediately. She was booked and wheeled in on the scheduled day and minutes later it seem she was running out of breath and what next she has slipped into a coma and was that way for two days, those where the scariest days of my entire life.Was glad when she came around the third day in fact I couldn't sleep for 3 days straight.
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I think the best thing that's ever happened into my life was when I graduated in college and pass the board exam. My bachelor's degree requires me to study for 5 years, and that whole journey has been really tough. There were a lot of times when I thought of giving up, especially when I failed two critical courses. I thought that was the end for me. I didn't tell that to my parents because I don't want them to worry. I had to repeat those subjects immediately, on top of my usual academic load. Those were one of the toughest semesters. Fortunately, I passed and I never failed any subjects again. Two months after graduation, I took the board exam and luckily, I passed. I came home to bring the good news, and while looking into the eyes of the people who serve as my motivation, I burst into tears. Until now, the memory of this moment still makes me smile, and I don't think I'll ever forget that feeling of fulfillment.
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The best thing that has ever happened to my life is the giving up of substance abuse. There came a time in my life that I realized the years I was addicted to substance was wasted years. I was helpless an addict at some point in my life due to peer pressure and association.
It all started when I was in secondary. A friend of ours who was also a junior student took us to our senior students bunk(name of home for students who decided to rent one for themselves instead of staying in the hostel) on a Friday evening. On getting there we where initiated to the habit of smoking hard drugs by these senior students.
Sadly, that was first of many experiences we were to have with the series of illicit drug episodes. Before we finished our secondary school we were seriously hook on it. It didn't stop with me immediately we parted ways after secondarry school.
Personally, I continued to abuse substance at higher institution. Before I knew it I became an addict to the point I couldn't stay a day without smoking drugs. In summary, my liberation day came after service year when I took the decision to quite for good. It has been a total freedom for me because I looked back to those years of stigmatization that often goes with addiction, I realized that giving up of substance abuse is the best thing that has happened to my life.
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My son and my husband put together! I met my husband, when I joined my Engineering. He was my senior. We casually met at a coffee shop with a whole bunch of other friends to plan a fashion show for a competition. And that's how we ended up talking and becoming great friends for life. 12 years and we are still head over heels in love with each other. We have similar likes and dislikes as well, and that's what attracts us even more to each other.

My son is now 3 years old and is an amazing little toddler. I had him when I was 27 years old and now we have all grown together as a family. My husband and I share a lot of things in common , and we also try to find new activities to try like dining out together, trying different cuisines, travelling abroad and that's all I can ask for. They are the best thing to have ever happened in my life.
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The best thing that happened to me is indeed my son. For every parent, holding their child for the first time in their arms is an experience which cannot be defined in words. I vividly remember the day my son was born...when he took his first step...when he spoke for the first time and so on. When you become a parent, somehow the priorities change. My son is my first priority and everything else comes later. Another beautiful thing that happened to me was getting into the spiritual path. Meeting my spiritual master was a turning point in my life. He transformed me from an atheist to a devotee. Meditation, chanting, the ecstatic kirtans- I feel so blessed to be on the devotional path. Rediscovering my love for Krishna and getting on the path of devotion has changed my life beyond words.
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The best thing was happened in my life until now is to have my best friend. I met her around 16 years ago at the first day in the university. I was disappointed because I was departed from my family and friends. When I settled down in dormitory, she smiles me and help me to manange my stuffs. We found out that we have the same major so started to attend the classes together. Gradually we understood each other very deeply. She was my roommat for five years and now we both married and far from each other and connect with Facebook and WhatsApp and some times we speak for two hours. We speak about our memories and our life. we know that our friendship is not perfect, sometimes we annoyed each other feelings but there is an issue: we love each other any way.
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The best thing that ever happened in my life was when I started dating in university. When I joined university at 20 years of age, I did not know how it would turn out to be. I was so scared about life by then and I could not even associate with people. Then I met this guy and he became my best friend. He made me love myself and I even had courage to make friends with people.
Our love was so popular in the school because we were not afraid to show everyone that we loved each other. We went swimming many times and sometimes we just laid in bed making stories and enjoying each others company. He would even accompany me to class and sometimes make me lunch or dinner when I was not feeling well. Even though we broke, he is still a close friend and we discuss a lot of things.
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Me and my siblings were almost brought up single handedly by my mum. I used the word single handedly because my dad was barely around. He was in the military and a damn good soldier, this made him travel a lot on different missions and postings. In order to have a steady living, the family settled in one location while he comes and goes.

I happen to be the first child with no older sibling, just my aunt who lived and grew up with us. The problem was that I was a boy growing up in the midst of women. I didn't have anyone to lead me in the way of boys, am talking about guy's code. This was the point when I started making a lot of wrong choices, choices am not proud of today, choices that began to affect my life at a very young age. I got really caught in the wrongest ideas and messed up big time. In no time, I became the blackest sheep of the family. Fortunately for me, my dad got retired early. That's when he began to notice the things wrong with me. I can't forget that day, the day a lot of confrontations were made and I made the entire family sad. My dad cried for the first time while hugging me with my mum. Their years really touched me and I couldn't help but listen to them. At that point, i knew I had really messed up, so I made a promise to the entire family,  a promise to change and make some personal achievements before reaching the age of 25.

By the age of 22, I had a degree including another junior degree in journalism and communication, administration and management. I had worked as a field reporter with a media outfit. I'd also worked with two leading institution and a government institution.

Drawing from all said above, I can say that the day I turned 22 after achieving all said above was the happiest moment of my life. Both my parents were proud of me for the first time.

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