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First before the exercises, ensure that you eat lots of raw carrots. I am also short sighted and can testify to you that carrots have benefits. Some of those exercises include, setting a time limit like for how long you should wear the glasses. If you were used to wearing the glasses the whole day, reduce this to at least half s day and see whether you can make it without them. If you find it hard, then make it upto 10 hours daily. You should also make an effort to show that you want to get rid of glasses.
Also, you can at times try reading or walking without them at least for some hours and see whether you can manage.Keep on reading until you feel like you're straining a lot then stop reading. Keep on repeating this every day and with time, your eyes will get used to reading or walking without glasses.
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To get a better vision, you need to eat food that are rich in Vitamin A. They say that vegetable and fruits that are color orange or yellow are good sources of Vitamin A. Also, do not pressure your eyes. If you are using your mobile phones, set the lighting to average because a strong lighting will strain your eyes. Do not read on a moving vehicle. Actually, even using your phone and reading messages while you are in a moving vehicle should be avoided. Anything that is moving will only strain your eyes. Some says that food supplements that have Lutein will able to fix your eye problem or will going to improve it. Do not read on a dark or try to read in a dark places. Always rest your eyes 5 minutes every hour if you are using your gadgets or even computers to have it rested.
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