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It's my way of communication with my family since I am living too far away. And technology is the reason why some diseases  can be cured.

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First, its really helped me as a student. Most of the academic research I find them on google only that some information always contain errors. What I usually do is, find several blogs/articles containing different information then read them all and the express the information according to that understanding.
Also,technology has really contributed much in my life through online jobs. Through the internet am always guaranteed of $30 per month just spending some few hours on those sites. Also through those sites, am able to learn of other new earning sites and this boosts my earnings.

Finally, through technology, am able to communicate with anyone worldwide which was never available in the last years. Still I can do any business worldwide especially if its something tangible, drop shipping comes in. Actually, technology has made the world to be like  a global village.
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Before we had an easy way to communicate with people far away it took weeks or months for us to hear back from a letter we sent. Now today we can find out information with a push of a button. All we need to do is send an email or an SMS to find out what is happening. We also have a better chance to find people that we have lost contact with and see how they are.

There are many good things about the technology of today that will help us in the feature. If we use it correctly it can do a lot of good. Hopefully, people will use what we\'ve learned today to find a cure for cancer and other sicknesses. It is a shame though that what we have learned in the past about life, war, and anger is still repeated day in and day out. It appears that with all the technology we have today we are still fighting with each other. Nobody has learned anything about peace and getting along. The world needs everyone if we are to survive and change the outcome of global warming and the problems we face today with all the natural disasters because of it.
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I think that technology is a growing part of our everyday life. We change and adjust with the latest innovation. Looking at it from a technical aspect, technology has been around for a very longtime. It ranges from simple stones tools, to modern equipments, facilities and appliances.

In today's world, there's hardly anything we use that isn't technology. Communication, transportation, house chores etc. I can't imagine how life would have been like without all of these. Take the internet for example. I can't seem to go a day without it. It is how I connect with friends and family, learn a lot of new things and gain knowledge, know the latest happenings all around the world just by looking at my screen. Centuries ago, it would have been called magic.

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