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What do you mean by LDR? As the question is under category love and relationships I am assuming it as long distance relationship. Is it that what you mean by LDR? If so I think distance is not a problem in real love or genuine relationship. It will work well as good as or may be better than a love at next door devil

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Ohh I'm sorry for using abbreviationYes it is Long Distance Relationship.. Thank you for the comment

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It will work depending on the people in the relationship. I know people who have Long Distance Relationship. For sure their relationship is not perfect, they also have ups and downs. However, they still decide to stay in that relationship because the love is strong for each other. If your love is strong, you will accept that you are far from each other, you will accept that you need to adjust to the new environment. The challenges is you are far apart, you do not see everytime. We have technology that will help us talk to the people we love even they are a far, but still it is different when you see each other in person. You can lie all the time, but you are lying to yourself not to your partner. The love should be strong. You should trust your partner. If your partner get weak, it is you will decide if you will accept him or her again. It really depends on how you know the person and how you know yourself against what is happening. I know someone who are into this kind of relationship and they became successful because they didn't give up even though they are far from each other. 
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I guess it depends. It depends on their purpose -- if they want to strengthen their relationship? or if this is their way of escaping from it?

If their reason is to strengthen their bond by sacrificing a bit for their future, it still depends on the couple if they want it to work. It depends on each one of them if they are willing to work it out. In a long distance relationship, there are important things that a couple needs to put on their minds -- communication, trust, loyalty and honesty. So far, for me those are very very important, in no particular order.

Communication is a must. It is a way of letting their partner know what they're doing (if they are busy, on work hours, or whatnot so that the other party will know and understand what's going on because of the fact that they can't see or be with each other) and how they feel (if they're happy or lonely, or if they need to be comforted because of a long day). Nowadays, we already have a lot of means for us to communicate with other people especially to our loved ones. So there should not be a problem of making some time to communicate with each other, unless you don't have time to do so..

Loyalty, honesty and trust must be present at all times. And these should not be taken for granted cause it can make or break the relationship. Being loyal and honest to our partners, and not to be involved in micro-cheating can bring peace to the relationship, especially if you're on LDR 'cause you don't want to lose the trust of your partner. Having doubts, no trust, dishonesty, and not being loyal -- these are poison in a relationship.

So to answer the question if long-distance relationship works? It depends -- if the couple want it to work to strengthen their bond, or to escape and break the bond.
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For me Long Distance Relationship works for people with true love. And by the way, the bible says, "Faith, Love and Hope". Those three ingredients are the most important flavor of a lasting relationship, may it be Long Distance or not.
Faith is having trust with your loved one that even thought he is far, he would not do anything untoward against your relationship. Faith is also believing in that person, that what ever he does, he does it for the good side.

Love is the feeling that binds a couple that are keeping them attached to each other. It is caring for that person and asking for nothing in return.

Hope is even though he is far, the communication might be a little disrupted, you keep on hoping that soon he will message you with endearment.
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Perfectly well, Long Distance Resistance (LDR) does work, but it depends on the couples involve in the relationship. I know there might be unavoidable challenges here and there, but with determined mindset of making things work, those obstacles would be surmounted. I also know many people would also be doubtful if it's feasible for LDR to work, perhaps due to the pressure and temptation the barrier the distance imposes on the relationship.

However, for LDR to work, the couples must make personal sacrifices on there parts where they are. They must have the kind of love that can withstand the temptation of succumbing to cheating. And essentially, they must be disciplined if they really are to keep the faithfulness in the relationship thriving.

Lastly, the line of communication must be thrown wide open for constant interaction between the couples. With the help of modern day technology this can be achieved seamlessly.

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