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I have lots of favorite song in the 90's.  I was introduced to New kids on the block. I love their songs. I love their songs Please don't Go Girl and Step by step. I am introduced to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany as well. When Backstreetboys came, they became my new favorite. I love all of their songs. I even have their 3 albums, even the Christmas songs. During that time Nsync is the better competitor and I can say that I enjoy the music of Nsync more. I love all their songs as well. During the 90's Pop Princess Britney Spears came out as well. She is my favorite female singer. I adore her so much during that time. I do believe their songs had came to the world, late 90's already. Songs from Michael Learns to Rock, rocks as well. 3 Non Blondes became my favorite too and Joanne Osbourne. There are many to mention actually, and I adore all the songs from the nineties.
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We have the same taste of music.. They still rock up til now
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Many bands from the 70s, 80s, and 90s had so many great songs it was hard to say which one was your favorite. For example, Abba - Take a chance on me was a great song if you really listened to the words. There are many times that people won't take a change with other or even in love. This song brought out the best in people and offered them a chance to see things differently.
Eric Clapton hit song Tears in Heaven really touched the world about a young child dying and the love of a father. He is worried that one day when he goes to heaven if his son will remember him. This song really shows the love of a parent and the pain of losing a child.
Prince and Michel Jackson really changed the world with their music. The death of both artists is a tragedy that will not soon be forgotten. To this day I still love the songs from Michel Jackson and especially the one where he had the vision to unite the world holding hands. No matter what era of music we have there is always a special message or word spoken in the words of a song. Something to inspire a person or to change the way you think.
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Have got many songs that I was rocking in the 90s.I was a great fan of brandy I loved her song I wanna be down with you, I also loved almost all boys 11 men songs as well my best was End of the road, not forgetting West life with I'm flying without wings.

My favorite was the ones sang by the king of pop himself Jacko Wacko (Michael Jackson) he came with Heal the world and it was a memorable song and it still is till now.I still play it every now and then and I wish the world could just be a better place as he sang.

I remember this song everyday and the lyrics get ticking in my head. It was a song well put together.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 66
I have lots of favorite 90's song that I still regularly sing in the karaoke whenever my friends and I go out. On top of our list is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. We'd play it non-stop until everyone gets the chance to sing it solo. I also remember a friend being obsessed with the song Closing Time. I didn't know the song by then but he made me appreciate it; hence, that, too, became one of our constant songs. And of course, Backstreet Boys songs will be forever favorites (I Want it That Way, As Long as You Love Me, Quit Playing Games, Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely, No One Else Comes Close, and Lay Down Beside Me).
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Oh I have plenty. I remember when I used to be a devoted fan of Spice Girls. They had such great songs back then. Viva forever was my favourite. I would play it all day and I knew all the lyrics. I still do.
I also love to listen to Backstreet Boys  and westlife. My love was like an anthem then. I still have it in my playlist alongside others. I listened to Celine Dion a lot too. Goodbye from the 90s would be one of my favorite songs of all times.
Then there's ring my bell by Enrique Iglesias. That song just does things to me. When I listen to it, it is always on replay and I could hear it all day.
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There were so many songs that rocked my world in the 90's but one definitely stood out for me. Dear mama by Tupac Shakur was my best song of that decade. If you are a lover of rap music not just any kind of rap music but conscious ones with meaningful and powerful lyrical punch lines that resonate with the realities of life; you will know what I am talking about.

The song under consideration was done by the infamous West Coast rapper who was renowned for his thug life tattoo at his upper abdominal part. He was a famous rapper with numerous songs to his berth. Who could have forgotten the rivalry between him and the late Notorious BIG aka Biggie Small.

Dear Mama won my heart the very first day I listened to it. The song was centered on the struggles him and his mother went through when he was kid and all the drama he made his mother faced for his sake. It was a great record then and it is till date.
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My favorite 90's song is "My all",  by Mariah Carey. She has a powerful voice and the song is amazing. That's why everyone loves Mariah Carey all over the world.

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