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The difference between brown and white flour is that the brown flour is less sugar and its good for people who are diabetic, while white same as brown flour has the same content of fiber but less than the other. The brown flour is more healtheir than the white one.
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The difference between brown and white flour is that white flour is refined as compared to white flour. The brown flour is healthier since it has alot of nutrients as opposed to the white. The brown flour still has the fibre in it which is very essential to the body.

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Both brown bread flour and white bread flour are made of wheat, however the parts of the wheat plant in each differs.

Brown bread flour tends to be more fibrous and is generally classed as being healthier for you. It contains more parts of the natural wheat plant, including the germ and bran parts of the wheat plant.

The white bread flour is much more refined and only contains the endosperm part of the wheat. This means that the flour is less fibrous and has less health benefits. The white bread flour is much easier for our bodies to digest and causes a sharper rise in our sugar levels (high glycaemic index) than brown bread flour. The texture of the bread also varies and you will find the white bread is often more stretchy.
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The white all purpose flour or Maida as we call it in India, is made from wheat plant's endosperm and the actual wheat flour is made from the germ.
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I eat both the white and brown bread but I take more of the brown bread because it is more healthy.Brown bread contain more fiber and goes through less processing while white bread is less healthy because there are processed.

White bread contain bleached chemicals while brown doesn't but more of wholesome grains.

White bread is a lot softer than the brown bread and less sugar is used when baking brown bread.

Brown bread  contains nutrients like vitamins, protein,and minerals while white bread only contain nutrients like protein and carbohydrate

Taking a look at the statistics of people that eat bread daily ,it has been observed that people now eat more of brown bread than white bread because it adds a lot to the nutritional needs of the body than white bread..
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The difference between them primarily centered around on their contents used in making them and the nutritional benefits they offer to the eater. In spite knowing about what set them apart from each other, I don't have preferance for one over the other. Here are their differences:

The brown bread is also known as wheat bread that is more nutritional due to its content while the white bread is the one that is made from ordinary white flour and of low nutritonal  quality. The brown bread high nutritional quality is as a result of the benefits its content offer to the eater. The wheat use in making brown bread consist of bran that contains thiamin which is a source of vitamin B. But for the white bread there is nothing to link to it nutritionally as it is seen as processed food that has lost it nutritional benefits during the course of its production.
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Brown bread flour is considered as more healthier and nutritious than the white bread flour as it is made by whole wheat flour which contains bran, endosperm and the germ. White bread flour is made by endosperm only and the fiber rich part of wheat like bran and germ are removed from it.

Brown bread flour contains fibers, vitamins and minerals like B1, B2, B3, B6 iron, zinc etc. It also contains proteins and carbohydrates whereas flour manufacturers add potassium bromide and chlorine dioxide gas in white flour which is used to bleach the flour. Both have different taste and texture due to the contents they have, white bread is softer and tastier than brown bread.

Sometimes milk and sugar is added in white bread to give it a sweeter taste. Since brown bread is more healthier, some bread manufacturing companies add caramel to make it brown and sell it as a brown bread.

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