Which profession deserve a high salary? Why?
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I believe all professions deserve salary knowing that all professional works aren't easy and employees investing time effort but in my case I do believe that it depends on how the work is going on. Based on my research with out being biased it should be the doctor because it is to make a miracle in saving lives. 
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These three professions deserve the highest salaries ( I am excluding the elected representatives) :



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Everyone deserves a high salary but teacher is my #1 on my list if I were to choose. It is because without them, there will be no other professions. They mold every students to be who they wanted to be. 
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All professions deserve a better income because they worth it and they work for us and do anything for us that either our doesn’t do for us appreciate everyone of them.
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I think jobs that require physical effort sould be payed more,the bigest is the physical effort the higher should be the salary.
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Definitely teachers/professors. When growing up, teachers are with us half the day, guiding us and educating us. Plus, they do a lot of work home after regular working hours, like lesson planning, creating homework sheets and worksheets, grading tests, etc. There are so many good teachers who deserve to get paid more for all the effort they are putting in creating a great atmosphere in class and educating future generations. 
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