I want to know how to used gold in food and does it even taste good?
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You just need to sprinkle Magic Sparkles edible gold glitter on cakes, cupcakes and other dry food surfaces. These edible glitters are completely tasteless so they will not interfere with the taste of your creations.

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Amidst a whole rainbow of interesting food inventions, the whole idea of magnificent food art found in restaurants and events worldwide is a must-mention.

One of the food decors that everyone finds astonishing is the edible gold leaf. It surely is extraordinarily appetizing to have food served with some shimmering garnishing on top.

Edible gold dates back to thousands of years, and decorating treats with the it seems to be a special one in the food scene even today. The practice has evolved to let people experience a dash of decadence, even when eating some of the most regular foods.

What does edible gold taste like?

Edible gold tastes like nothing, and it has no actual taste. It does have a slight texture, but it’s very fine and will not make anyone choke.

Although having gold seems to be the ultimate something in gourmet luxury, it actually has no taste. It adds nothing to a dish other than lots of glitter. All edible noble metals are largely tasteless.

However, edible gold surely adds to aesthetic appeal. It makes the customers enjoy their meal or snack that’s luxurious and rare.

How is edible gold added to food ?

Edible gold sheets are extremely delicate which makes them quite tricky to handle. They are likely to wrinkle or tear easily, and the fact that they are super thin makes them likely to blow away with little gust of air – even one’s breath!

A gold leaf becomes unfit to use if it sticks to the skin on touching. And that’s why it calls for some specific tools and careful directions when working with it. It includes a razor blade or a paring knife, a clean and dry paintbrush, and a pair of cotton gloves to handle edible gold leaves.

Since the gold leaf sticks to most surfaces, use the knife to move the sheet to the food item it is covering. Small tongs or tweezers work best for removing the gold flakes from the storage container, then placing it on the food item.

Whether it’s fine dining or fast food outlets, some chefs love using edible gold to dazzle and delight the people with the meals’ appearance. It definitely is a unique idea to garnish food with something as glorious as gold.
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It actually has no taste. It adds nothing to a dish other than lots of glitter. All edible noble metals are largely tasteless. It use only for decorating the dish.
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I have never tasted edible gold myself but , I have seen it a lot on videos that in big restaurants they coat steaks and meat pieces with edible gold 
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Gold is nontoxic if eaten, It certainly was used in large feasts in the Middle Ages. It has no taste and adds nothing to a meal it just add a lot of glitters. Gold won't break down during digestion it will eliminate as waste.
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