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When I grew up the meaning of family wasn't really there in our home. My mom was not so happy about leaving America when she married my dad and moving to France where he was from. She moved there to be with my father, but we could all tell she wasn't happy at all. It was basically my dad who did for us and showed up how to make things and played with us. My mom was a person who should never have had children if you ask me or my brothers and sister.
After having a child of my own this is when I knew the importance of family life and what it meant to be a parent. You needed to be there to support, teach, and play with your children. Teaching them values and how to grow up in the world so they could move on, maybe one day have a family of their own, and how to find their dreams. This was so important.

Now here on the islands family life has taken on a new meaning. Families here are one unit and help each other out. If a member of the family is sick all the other members are there to help out and make sure they have what they need. The unity and love you see here are amazing and this is what a family should be about. Always being there for each other to stand by, help and give courage when times are tuff.
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Family first root starts with blood ties but as we grow, it extends beyond that and into those that are willing to do anything for us to ensure that we are happy, safe, and protected. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
My family is my life. Without them, i will not be living. What I am doing at present are all for them. They are my inspiration. Our story before serves as my inspiration to work hard to achieve everyones dream. We work as one. We work as a team. I learned lot of things from my family. Some of them are not because they teach me how to do it, but some of it are just a learning experience because I see it happening to a family member. I try to avoid those mistakes for us to live normally and I learned from their mistakes even I don't experience it too. They teach me how to live as a person. A person who should be kind and helping those who are need without waiting for something in return. They teach me how to save money and how to use my money on the right things. They are my everything.
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
Basically, family is the basic unit of every society. It remains the foundation on which other structures are erected. The importance of family can't be overemphasized in the overall soundness of the society. If there's any crack in the family unit, there is bound to be equivalent anormaly in the society. That's why it's very important for every parents to get the family unit united.

As for me, family is very vital especially when it comes to my parents and my siblings. Although we've had our fair share of challenges over the years, we still try as much as possible to keep the cord uniting us together. Even though we are all far apart as we grew older, we still keep in touch with each other through phone, and if possible we pay each other visit.

The joy we have is that we've not lost any one in the family except of recent our dad passed on. It has been a testimony for us that God has been so wonderful to us that it wasn't any of the children that demised but the oldest member of the family.
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In my opinion, the word family is a very deep concept that it can touch so many area and still not be fully exhausted. Most times, people are of the opinion that family is determined by blood ties and relationships but to me, it's not entirely true. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that blood ties and relationship does not mean one is family, what I'm saying is that family now means more than being related by blood.

In as much as blood decides that you and another person is a family member, there are some other people whom you may be in a relationship with that are more than willing to sacrifice anything for you and in my opinion, such people are more than just friends but also a big part of your family because they would go to an extra mile to help you.
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answered by ELITE (3,009 points) 3 8 16
The word family sound very simple but it has different objective and justified  meanings to different people.

In my opinion family means group of people with common features that bind them together, It more like a tree with contious branches that has no end,  family could be linked to blood relations,  political relationship, work relation and lots more. Lots of people do limit their definition or understanding of family to only blood connected people.
Where ever I go, I ensure I build or belong to a family because it is an umbrella that protects someone against lots of challenges that may be beyond one control individually.
Family remain the basic structure of unity that exists between people of different states , country, continent and the world at large.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
Family is something very deep and sacred. For me, family is the group of people you hold very close to your heart with high esteem. Anyone can be your family and at the same time, not everyone has the capacity to be your family.

Family isn't restricted to only blood ties. It is the deep connection that your share with other people. Friends can be family and sometimes, the people that you are related to by blood are all that there is. They are no more than that because no relationship whatsoever suggests that. I wonder if such people should still be called family.

I know the saying that "home is not a place ,home is just a feeling". That is also the way I see family. They are actually the people whom you find a  home in their hearts.
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answered by ELITE (3,663 points) 7 14 56
The family is consist of mother, father, and children, it also involve grandparents and other siblings. For me family is blood related members of the generations. Some other may call a  not blood related as a family because that's how they treat each other. For being there and when you needed them,they won't judge you for anything. A family is a circle that no matter what happen you intact to each other. No matter how far or near, you still family because you grow up together. A family is  is very important in the society because,without one, there is no society as we call.  The house consist of a family living together in one wall. No matter what happen,family is a family. And even if you leave at home, you will come back with your family.

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