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I am of the view that religions are created by men and it is one of the reasons for many conflicts in today's life.
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For millennians, religion is tighly integrated with the rest of any given society 

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Religion is very personal and there are many people who don't like to get into a discussion about this subject. Normally this ends in a disagreement or a fight amongst friends. Everyone has been taught one thing or another in life and they believe in God in many different ways. That is one reason we have so many wars raging around the world It all stems down to religion and what people believe.
I was raised in what you might consider a non-religious family. My mom is American India and we were taught to believe in many different ways. There wasn't a single God or a single person you prayed to for help. If you needed rain you prayed to the God of rain to send down the needed moisture to wet the earth and make the crops grow. If we needed food we'd ask the God of the sea to protect the people when they went fishing, or even the God of the land to protect the people when they went hunting.

I feel there are many deep spiritual meanings around us that people are overlooking and not seeing. I also think in some ways that people who worship Buddha have the right idea about peace in life. This is what we all should strive for. Peace in life.
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I really like the idea of praying to various Gods for the things we need. I don't believe in God in the conventional sense and believe the bible is not accurate because I think much of it gets lost in translation. To know what was truly written we would have to understand the original language which was Biblical Hebrew and the very first translation was Greek. Anyone who has studied languages knows that there are some things that cannot be literally translated from one language to another. I don't believe it's the end when we die .. or maybe it is. The truth is we don't know.
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Religion matters to me because I was raised to believe in a single God and pray to him for whatever I need as he's the creator of the entire universe and everything in it. Sooner I was able to learn about other people's ways and it became a choice for me to practice my religion and not because I was raised that way.  Both my parents belong to the same religion but I  still have the freedom to practice or not as an adult.

Growing up, I realized that there are several beliefs that people have with different ways of worship. I respect every other belief that people have and I expect the same from them. I imagine that there's no such thing as "the right" way. Whatever rocks your boat is what you should do.
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It depends with the situation at hand. Take for instance a relationship especially the one leading to marriage between a Christian and a Muslim. There will be arguments between the families regarding their norms, traditions and beliefs. There are very rare marriages of this kind that do push through. What people fear is the whole process of conversion from one religion to another. Starting to learn new things and what it entails of you as a person.
What I'll suggest, to avoid complications, let's abide by our religion. When it comes to discussion which religion is right and which one is wrong, we should avoid at all costs. All religions have different belief about God and everything and there's no way we can compromise that.
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The are many of such marriages in my country and the couples do not compromise their faith. The issue is usually when they have kids. The children end up being very confused.
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I'm more of a spiritual person than a religious one.I have come to be this way because I feel people who claimed to be ministers of God are leading people astray in the name of religion and I refused to be coerced or forced into any man made religion disguising as true worshipping of God .

If one is more spiritually than religious then such a person is on the right path. Being spiritual will make one connect better with the creator, follows his ways and tenets,obeys his commandments and set the mind on spiritual things.

Following any religion or allowing religion matters means one will be following a certain doctrine that might have nothing to do with God and his teachings.
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Even though religion has caused a lot of division and differences between people of different faiths in recent times, I still think religion plays a vital role in society. Religion has aided the unification of men in the society than any other thing in the world. Without religion, more division would have been present in our today's society.

During and after the death of Christ, early Christians were persecuted on a daily basis by the Roman empire. Have you ever wondered why the Romans who were arch enemies of early Christians decided to adopt Christianity as their one true religion?

Emperor Constantine took over the rule of Rome from his father during the early days of Christianity. He was known as a conquerer due to his many successful war campaigns. When he realize how the christian faith was growing and causing division between his empires, he decided to adopt the religion as an effective means of conquering and unifying the world instead of continuous battles and blood shed. He was a true visionary. And his method played well conquering more places and people than any war campaign would have ever achieved.

Hence, asides from the spiritual importance of religion, I see religion as an ultimate weapon, a weapon with the ability of controlling man's entire life. Religion has helped shape the way we think, behave and react to different situations. It has helped in improving man's sanity and willingness to conduct ourselves in the most decent and acceptable manner. Imagine if the entire world were to realize religion was false, the amount of chaos that will ensue can only be imagined.
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The problem that we are having with some religious believers is that they are intolerant and this is the major cause of world issues such as violence here and there. I was thinking and I don't see any reason people that read in their holy book that peace is the utmost virtue we should try to have in the world be the one that will bring wars and crisis.

Another thing is that religion is never the problem as it is some of those people that are practicing one religion from another is the problem that we are having in our society now. If the leaders of those religions can continue to teach their followers the need for peace to reign in the world and on the need to tolerate other religions, I don't think the rising cases of crisis in the world will be there. So, let's live as one irrespective of the religion we found ourselves
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Religion comes in several different ways. It's either someone is under Christian religion, or Islam, pagan religion and so many other religions that we have being practiced all over the world today.

In our African context, it's pagan and Christian religion that is very common at the moment. There are still some parts of my country where pagan worship is still very much strong and the people have so much respect for their gods. My grandfather was a pagan right till the time he was about to die before he was baptized and he accepted Christ.
I value my Christian religion and have ever been faithful to my Christian God because he is only living God that I know of. Idols are not living gods, they are dead objects possessed by evil spirits.
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I grow up believing only one religion and that is catholic. But since I discovered that there are tons of religions all over the world. I start wondering what is real and what's not. When I was 14 years old, my older brother changed to another religion called "four square". And they start to come at our house and my brother's birthday celebration is not that boring anymore. Most of the member of their church will come during the party and it was fun and so alive. They will sing  and pray for all of us.
When I moved into the city, I was 16 year sold by then and I work with these family and their religion is different from mine or from my brother. Their religion is the Seventh Day Adventist because they believe that on the seventh day Jesus had rested. I attended their church too. Since then I realize that it is not about religion that matters most, it is how we have faith in our only one true God. So many names but we only have one true God.
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Not at all. Religion is just a worldly system created with the intention of having an organized way of relating with God. Religion in other words, is a worldly order designed by men to suit their own way of indotrinating people to sysem they called religion. Without mincing words, religion in conjuction with politics are the major problems of this world. If only people can get to know their God without subscribing to the doctrines taught by religion, this world would become a better place.
Personally, I detest anything religion, because it has not helped in anyway in ameliorating the problems of the world, but instead it has worsened them. To make matter worse, religious intolerance is the most horrendious thing ever happened to the world. This is the reason why I am not a religious person, but a true worshipper of Almighty God.
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Religion is a personal decision based on certain facts that are available to believe in the best way to worship your God.  Religion can matter in certain situations and does not matter in some circumstances too.
When it comes to working religion should not have any influence in your activities or decision, it should be based on efficiency,  credibility and ability to work as a team to achieve success in the task ahead.
In the area of politics,  religion should not matter as it has no impact because people have loyalty as result of benefit to be derive from their individual party affiliation.

In general religions should not even in. Most activities that involve more than two people having a task ahead of them.
I don't discuss religion except the need warrant or I needed clarification or someone needs clarification from me because it my personal communication with God

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