Best easy to make recipes for hostel students
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you can buy some eggs and make boiled eggs or an omelette.You can add also some fruits

In case you are in rush, you can keep some bread and butter around for a quick breakfast.
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I agree break butter much such a delicious meal . and adding to that a nice egg omelet and we have ourselves an awesome sandwich 
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Easy breakfast students can cook themselves.

Cold cereal with milk is a snap for your child to prepare.
Just make sure to keep the milk in an easy to reach spot in the fridge and practice pouring together to help avoid any major spills.

Hard boiled eggs:-
Hard boiled eggs are a simple make ahead item that keep well in the fridge for up to one week. Your child can grab and peel one himself,and when paired with a piece of fruit or toast,eggs are great protein filled way to start the day.
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As I recommend you to visit YouTube and watch the videos of making fast food and cheap foods and the way of making them so it will be helpful for you.
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If you're in a hurry,why bother with recipies?Just grab anithyng that doesn't need to be cooked ore prepared,like chocolate bar,ore banana,ore donnut,ore yoghurt,etc.
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You can eat eggs with bread and juice hot chocolate milk drink or simply coffee or cappuccino or pancakes with honey too delicious 
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I think it is very easy to make tea and eat it with bread  that is very simple and easy to prepare. If you don't know how to just fry some eggs and take it with cold milk. Breakfast is the easiest  meal to prepare compared to any other meal.
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Some cereals like kelloggs chocos or cornflaskes . bread butter jam is an awesome combination too . or some eggs its really good for you has long has you don't take too much of it 
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