Best easy to make recipes for hostel students
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you can buy some eggs and make boiled eggs or an omelette.You can add also some fruits

In case you are in rush, you can keep some bread and butter around for a quick breakfast.
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Easy breakfast students can cook themselves.

Cold cereal with milk is a snap for your child to prepare.
Just make sure to keep the milk in an easy to reach spot in the fridge and practice pouring together to help avoid any major spills.

Hard boiled eggs:-
Hard boiled eggs are a simple make ahead item that keep well in the fridge for up to one week. Your child can grab and peel one himself,and when paired with a piece of fruit or toast,eggs are great protein filled way to start the day.
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As I recommend you to visit YouTube and watch the videos of making fast food and cheap foods and the way of making them so it will be helpful for you.
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Banana and attitude makes her and add some milk some sugar some peanut butter and mix it up and you will get a protein shake it's very healthy and very useful
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