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Have the same problem with my phone, it usually turns off the data whenever I'm using it, I did try to reboot it or press the power off for 5 minutes. You just have to repeat it until your mobile data get stable. However, maybe you had problems with the network connection..
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Mine does this if I am in a wifi area. If I am out and about and there is a shop that has wifi, even though it may not connect to that wifi it will switch off my mobile data. I find it really annoying.
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I experienced similar problem some months back and all I did was to contact my service provider, and they were able to have it fixed for me. But it wasn't easy as I thought at the first instance. I had to provide them with some basic information about my location and a close by landmark, which i guess they needed to be able to trace the exact spot where my phone network is from. Call them up and lay your complaints, it won't be long your problem of your fluctuating data network would be rectified.
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I've had the same experience too but in a more rather funny manner. I do subscriptions more often than most people. In Iine wit their reward program, my service provider gives bonuses to regular subscribers, this affords me large amounts of bonuses every now and then. Everytime I try not to subscribe and work with only the bonus, i get that experience we're talking about. Mine doesn't just go off, it stays between on and off at a steady rate of 10sec per state. 
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My case was exactly as yours. No difference. Just do as I have told you and your data network problem would be fixed within 48hours.
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Alright. I'll do just that. Thanks for taking the time to explain in details. I hope it works out fine like it did for you. 

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I'm not sure if you have an Android device or an iOS device. Here are a few reasons this can happen on both devices:


  1. This could be a problem with the Bluetooth on the phone when it is switched on. Some phone will shut off the mobile data when in Bluetooth mode.
  2. The low battery setting can turn off mobile data when it reaches a certain level. You'll need to check your Stamina setting on your phone. This will affect the mobile data when the screen is off. 
  3. In some phone when you swipe down from the top of the screen the mobile data is shut off. This issue is in some Galaxy phones like the S4 and S5.
  4. On some phones when the WiFi mode is enabled it will shut off your mobile data.


  1. This seems to be an issue on only a few phones with the software version iOS 9.0.1 and the only solution is to upgrade or downgrade your software on the device. 
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I have had this same problem and I think most phone users do too.Several problems can be attributed to this so its better to always try them out and see which is the problem.

One might be low network signal of an area.This has always been my No 1 problem when once signal is bad obviously my data will go off.
Glitch from the phone: Alway check to be sure,your phone isn't malfunctioning.i have had this experience when my phone begin to malfunction the setting malfunction too.So check your phone.

Check to see that other apps are not disrupting it,I know that my data goes off if my WiFi comes up on it's own.

If all these fails then you need to check with the service provider in case there's disruption of network from their end too.
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