Best Computer Repair Shop in South Riverside
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Chiswick computers is the best shop you will find in south riverside. They provide on-site services as well as online appointments. I would say their service is worth it
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Yes i have been there once and also have heard goo about it .
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1) slow internet

Solution:- *restart the modem

*Fix your wifi signals

*Contact your ISP

2)PC becoming slow

Solution:- *find resource-hungry program

*Disable startup program

*Scan for malware and adware

3) windows update problem

Solution:- *the official Microsoft windows update errors fixing walkthrough.

4) Noisy hard drive

Solution:- *make sure the sound comes from the hard drive

*Run a diagnostic software

*Replace the hard drive

5) PC fan not working 

Solution:- *determine the root cause

*Assess the fan
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