What will be the future trends of field force automation?
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In today’s competitive marketplace, adapting to the latest technology enhancements is crucial for any organization to keep the business one step ahead amidst the competition and stay within the business market. Especially for an organization that mostly depends on its on-field sales representatives, it is more important to switch to the contemporary solution provided by the advanced and innovative sales force field automation technology than manual and traditional techniques that have been followed for years now. Field Force automation software is the biggest boon to on-field assets that helps the sales force team and sales reps in numerous ways. It assists in a way to boost the productiveness and performance of your sales force team by monitoring their performance and activities on-field operations effectively. With the rise of technology, the dynamics of the field force automation system has evolved to the next level and have reached new heights, and has delivered innumerable benefits such as,

Live Location tracking of sales reps.

Efficient CRM.

Increased productivity.

Precise sales forecast from past sales data analysis.

Accurate report generation.

Highly scalable.

Seamless integration to any existing ERP system

Support for multiple languages and currencies

Real-time data visualization, maps, and dashboards Works online and offline Customizable and configurable.

Along with this every year a new digital transformation with immense technological advancements has been introduced in the sales field force trying to deliver the best results to the organizations by helping to ease the overall effort put forth to manage the sales operations and activity. 

Let’s get into it:

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things is the future of SFFA:

AI and IoT are the two most advanced technologies that are going to transform the field of force management in the coming years. With the help of this innovative technology, businesses can improve their field operations and productivity effectively and predict the sales forecast by analyzing sales data and insights which will ultimately take the customer’s satisfaction to the next level. Equipping your field force with advanced management technologies such as AI and IoT helps to improve customer satisfaction by providing quick support and service to your client’s requirement.

Blockchain technology:

Blockchain technology is another major trend in field service management in which their integration with smart devices and IoT leads to a clear pathway for authenticating payment systems within your organizations. Through this new innovative technology, double step verification can be done by notifications, alerts while using payment modes to ensure customer’s experience to the fullest.

Dealing with the prime data: 

According to the present situation, the demand for personalized brand experience has been raised over the past few years. People always wanted to compare your sales levels with giant brands. Nowadays, customer’s data can be easily accessed through multiple channels such as social media, emails, and so forth. Therefore, the corporation needs to create an all-encompassing evaluation of each customer’s information by making a total perceptive of the client’s review across all the channels. At the point when the statistics are very well analyzed and decisions for advertising, marketing is based on it, customer services will see a speedy growth.


Experts have already predicted the on-going technological revolutions and hence confirmed that the above features and trends to be applied very soon. Such integration will not only give details of your field reps, but it will also automate their day to day routine activities. Therefore, these trends will help to develop a trusted and outstanding customer experience which will eventually result in high customer retention.
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Once this pandemic ends, I am sure more advanced trendy technologies will be available in the market and more people will be delighted to use them.
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Field force automation is technology solutions and platforms to automate the routines of the field team. Eliminates error and efforts of backend data entry, increasing the efficiency of the organization. These trends promise an even brighter and lucrative future for field force automation making it more streamlined for your business.
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