will it ease and soothe the users pain related disorder such as headaches and joint paints?
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• Reduce anxiety

• Reduce inflammation and relieve

• Control nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy

• Kill cancer cells and slow tumor growth

• Relax tight muscles in people with MS

• Stimulate appetite and improve weight in people with cancer and AIDS
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Benefits of Cannabis:

- Fights cancerous cells

- Improves the capacity of lungs

- Regulates and prevents diabetes

- Treats and alleviates depression, stress, and anxiety

- Helps patients with ADHD/ADD

- Slows the development of alzheimer's disease

- A treatment for glaucoma

- Heals broken bones

P.S.: It can also help to reduce clients' pain due to migraines and headaches.
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Yes cannabis has a lot of medical benefits and believe me it is contained in most drugs and foods we consumed daily. But it is a control substance because of abuse. Research has that cannabis is good in reducing cancer growth and the controlling the effect of nausea. 
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There are so many advantages of using cannabis for people, such as easing the pain of being inflicted with diseases. These diseases are carcinomas, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.
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Health benefits of Cannabis

  • Relief chronic pain
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Help lose weight
  • Regulate and prevent diabetes
  • Fight cancer
  • Help treat depression
  • Regulate seizures
  • Treatment for glaucoma
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Helps provide relief to individuals with multiple sclerosis
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A new report tracked down that CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids can really be utilized to forestall and treat GI issues like crabby entrail disorder (IBS), fiery inside illness (IBD), Crohn's, ulcerative colitis from there, the sky is the limit. CBD's calming properties are vital to diminishing and forestalling side effects.
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Cannabis which is seen by many as an ilegal substances has many health benefits like helping those with aids to eat as their appetite is aroused and reduces anxiety.
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