If you're given a chance to correct your mistake in life what would it be?
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I would have love to changed those years wasted on things that are not worth it and the time spent with those people that never really deserved it. It just that there are some things that can't be undone. The best we can do is to learn from them and move on and ensure they don't repeat themselves again.
I'm sure there are many things that people would like to change. This makes me think though that if I changed anything from the past, would the present still remain as it is? I doubt that. 

Hmm, let's see. I'll change my birth place. I think I'll make certain I come out from Bill Gates family. :D

I would change my impulsive decisions that cause argument most of the time and to the point I regret every now and then.
I would simply go back in time and invest so much in cryptocurrency especially in Bitcoin. 

Not investing in it in 2009 was the biggest mistake in my life.
I believe that what we are today.. we owe it all from the past. No matter how painful or big our mistakes maybe in the past, we learned a lesson from it. Everything is essential part for us to become better person we are today. So we should not regret nor choose to change it, it maybe a blessing in disguise to make us stronger.

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Normaly i dont waste my time thinking about regreting but if i had to choose my biggest mistakes would probably be  spending too much time studying and not on my hobbies and also i was a little bit antisocial and because of that i lost a lot of opurtunities to go out and meet new people i think that was also a big mistake. Anyway i am always trying to make up for that past mistakes.
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This is quite a difficult question for me because I  made some really terrible mistakes when I was younger but I will choose the one below because of the way it affected my parents, I regret that so much.

When I was in my late teens/ early twenties I became very rebellious and started to take drugs. Now I look back and have children of my own I realise what a terrible time I put my parents through and if I could go back I would tell myself not to be so stupid.  It was a bad time in my life because I made myself quite ill, hung about with some horrible people and was generally not a very nice person. Thankfully it was short lived and I came to my senses before anything bad happened to me.

There are other mistakes I made and looking back I wonder what I was thinking at the time but those mistakes made me the person I am today, I am stronger and wiser for them and learned not to do them again.  My teens were a  troubled time on and off but I'm glad to say I came out the other side unscathed.
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No one can say they commit any mistake in their life. Thanks for your answer. 
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First I will be more careful with the type of friends I keep, Friends have pushed me to paths of weakness, experiences that I had weakness over, very true bad friends can corrupt the good minded person unless the person is very strong intuitively. 
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I'm sorry to hear that, find friends who can help you cope up in problems and it's not bad to choose quality friends than having a plenty of fake ones. Be careful mate and hoping that you have someone who treat you good as a friend
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I did lot of mistakes in my life and realized it later. But we can't undo it. If I get a chance to correct my mistake, I never do cheat on friend and became Friend with him.
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Having mistakes is not a desirable thing to happen, but we can learn from them and not do them again next time. It is a part of growing up.
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I cannot think of mistakes that are serious in the past. All I can say, I learned from them and they are being corrected as the years go by. It is not also healthy to dwell with them. We need to move forward and be a better person because of them.
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Precisely, those mistakes should never stay in us. Change for the better as others say and let those be a lesson for everyone. :)

I feel pity for some who do not want to change. They tend to be silly and hardheaded with this idea.
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Those  years that I  am  so immature and do not do the things that  I want to  do which makes  me end  up being regretful. I would rather be  patient and happy and shouldn't chosen to  take things that  leads to  an  argument.
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It's okay to fight for what you want but learn to respect others too. But rather than that they should also respect your decision if you think it's good for you.
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It would be not falling in trap of my current boyfriend. Not trusting him, not staking my life out for you. Not giving him the chance to dominate me. Not ever jumping into that stupid relationship with him. And I wished I never ever had met him ever.
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Sorry to hear another break up story. I also told my ex girlfriend that every person you meet is whether a blessing or a lesson. He may be a lesson for you at this time. Cheer up and the blessing you are waiting for may come as soon as possible. :)

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We cannot survive the whole day without just a simple mistake and let's admit it. But the biggest mistake that I want to change if I had a chance is my High school life. I used to be bullied that's why I escaped school and been addicted to computer games, those wasted times really affect my grades and even the scholarship I'm about to take. If I haven't done that? I may be in a better position rather than today, but who knows? We can still strive for better days.
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Most of the people would change there decisions which made them regret the most , but the point here is that everything you go through is a lesson and you should learn through them and move forward .
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No get rid of my social anxiety , I have problem communicating with people I don't know up , I want to fix that . Introvert ? yea
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i actualy would not correct any of my mistakes i made mistakes for a reason and i learnt by them i have never made the same mistakes twice
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If I ever got a chance to undo things I regret today, I would go back in time and change the subject which I choose for my study. I would have attended an internship and would have taken various diploma degrees and would have started my competitive studies earlier in that way today I won't' be have been unemployed even after holding a master's degree.
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If i got the chance i would love to go back to my exgirlfriend and have an affair with her,ooh how sweet those day could get,unforgettable
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Making mistakes is a normal part of life, taking responsibility and facing up to our mistakes is a great way to learn and avoid doing the same thing again. Everything is temporary and you can't fix them, you should grow and learn from your mistakes.
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I often think of this and I always end up conflicted. Had I not met my ex I wouldn't have had my daughter. I love her sooo much, I can't imagine life without her yet I wish I never met her father. So that's my choice. 
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I believe that the things we did in the past, we wanted them during that time. I mostly don't regret doing anything, however, if there is absolutely one thing that I think I could change given the chance -- I would save up more.
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If I were given a chance to correct a mistake in my life, it would be correcting the mistake of fear of making mistakes. Mistakes and successes are part of life and for you to succeed, you make mistakes and just learn from them.
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