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I don't drink coffee this days. I used to in the past but ever since it started increasing my anxiety, I stopped using it. I now prefer tea to coffee.
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One to two cups per day and rarely thrice as long as i don't palpitate yet.
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I am not really a fan of coffee but a cup in a day some times is just enough for me. Instead of coffee i prefer to drink my ginger and garlic tea. And it really does it for me as it helps in the recovery of muscles after workout.
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Coofer aren't good anymore if you consume too much, 1 cup is good for a day.

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I'm not a big coffee drinker because I prefer tea but I suppose I probably consume around 2-3 cups a day. I have an ectopic heartbeat which is not serious but it means I get a lot of palpitations which seem to get worse when I drink too much coffee, probably caused by the caffeine.  Also I only drink it in the morning because it is a stimulant and I'm more likely to be sleepless if I drink it before I go to bed.

I'm one of these people who likes to try out different types of coffee although I usually go back to Americano. I enjoy a cappuccino if I am out with cocoa sprinkled on the top although I was reading that chocolate spoils the true flavour as it is too sweet.

When I am home I prefer to drink tea, probably because I am British and we are a nation of tea drinkers,  but the occasional cup of coffee is nice for a change.
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As for me I can't live without coffee, been drinking  2-3 cups everyday..
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I used to have 3 cups of coffee everyday, but due to my acidity issues, I drink only 1 cup a day.
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I am not a huge fan of coffee. I could go weeks without taking it and when I do take it, it is twice a day. I prefer the mornings and evenings. The taste and the feeling makes me stick with it for the next few days. I guess that's the caffeine working. There was a time in college when I had a lot of caffeine in my system. There were lots of programs clashing with deadlines. I would drink cup after cup to keep me awake so that I can study.

I haven't taken it in two weeks now. I think the interval I give is good for my health. During these breaks, I like to enjoy other varieties of tea like green tea. Knowing how to make what you take in work for your system at the right time is key.

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