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Yes lack of time affects relationships especially if its a long distance relationship. Am a victim and i wouldn't advise anyone to deal with long distance relationships if you know very well your  cannot afford to communicate. Especially if you're both working, you'll find yourself being busy and by the end of the day, you feel so tired and just retire to bed. One partner on the other hand will feel like you're assuming them or might even think that you have moved on with someone else.

Lack of time doesn't only affect long distance relationships but even when you're staying at the same place. The man comes home late night when the woman is asleep and wakes up very early. They only spend less time together in the name of job. This behavior continues and becomes an trend. With time the woman starts feeling suspicious about her husband/boyfriend. They end up arguing and this might lead to breaking up.
As long you both of you know each other well, there's no need of being  suspicious. Whenever both of you have free time, its good to spend it well to avoid querrels.
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I would say yes in general but there are some relationships that cannot be altered over time.  Romantic relationships are usually affected because they need to be worked at and if you don't have the time to do this a couple can grow apart so I think it's important to make time for each other.

However there are some relationships that never change over time. I met my best friend at school when I was 14.  It was one of the few friendships I made during that time and she helped me through some difficult periods when I was very unhappy and felt that no one liked me. We both went our separate ways as we got older, both got married and moved to different places. We rarely see each other now but we are both in our 60s  and when we talk it's just as if all those years had never passed and we were young girls again chatting and laughing together. Some relationships will last a lifetime no matter how long you spend apart,

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