What is the current LPG gas price for a 14.2kg cylinder?
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In India, domestic LPG cylinder's (14.2 KG) price varies from states to states and it changes every months. Even for the domestic LPG cylinder, there are two categories : Subsidized and Non-Subsidized cylinders. So, it would have been useful if you could have mentioned the State, Month and the category as well so as to answer your question more accurately.

Assuming you want to know the price for Delhi and for the non subsidized domestic LPG cylinder, the following are the prices for the last 4 months:

November - Rs.899.50

October - Rs. 899.50

September - Rs. 884.50

August - Rs. 859.50
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Because gas is a derivative product of oil processing, therefore LPG price fluctuates with oil price. And this could vary from country to country. Currently, the oil price is high due to the conflict in Europe so gas price is also up. A search on google could assist you. 
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It depends with the country you from . This is because there's price variation in each country according to the tax system in place . Also the inflation can also determine it's price , political environment and the availability of the commodity
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