Best Laptop Repair Shop in Lake Elsinore,USA
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First rule out charging cord issues.

 Next Review your software options.

If your battery not charging,chances are you have a faulty battery. One of the most common reasons a battery may not charge is its health.
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  1. Laptop battery is made of Lithium ion cell's and they do have finite amount of charging cycles. So they do go bad over time.
  2. Extreme weather condition may also affect battery's health as most of them have specific operating temperature.
  3. Damaged cell due to fall or any other accident.
  4. Damaged connecting pins of the battery.
  5. Not using proper charger.
  6. Faulty battery or manufacturing error/defect.
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Original battery won't break down quick. But fake batteries will break down quick. Also usage also affects the battery life. It is advisable to unplug the laptop from power when the battery is full. Do not leave your battery charging continuously it will affect the life span of the battery. 
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