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Do you have a pet?
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Yes i have a pet cat. It's colour is black. I love my best friend my cat my meow. I love to make food for my pet cat. I celebrate the bday of my pet cat.
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Yes I do have a pet cat. Its name is Tom and I love to play with him. Slowly he has become our  family member. Thanks for the question
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Yes, I have dogs. Their names are Arfie and Bikbik. I love them both and they are indeed my best friends. I am so blessed to have them. 
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No, because we had 2 dogs previously and out of them 1 had ran away and other one died because she fell of 4th floor of our terrace (Very sad moment). So now we have understood that we are not capable enough to own a pet. 
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YES! 4 lovely Dogs. They are always happy seeing me coming home from work every afternoon. They would run from the house to me and wag their tails.
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Yes i have 3 dogs and 7 cats how and still i have to get more dogs for my farmland to help me guarding my land and to prevent others entering my land
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yes,i have a dog and it is very funny love to play with any one and i love it to my dog love to go runing in morning time witn me
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Yes, we have three cats named Mucholo, Muchala and Sky, as well as one dog named Siomai Rice. I adore them as if they were a member of our family.
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Yes I do have pet  , a dog. His name is Jacket . The best thing is donr t know why but it only listen to my commands although its been only 2 months since I bought it . but I need a lot of work to maintain its body but its fine since I consider jacket as my family. 
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We have rabbits in our yard at first they were just 3 but now after 10 months they’re about 14,15 unfortunately wild cats eat about 12 rabbit babies.
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yes, I do. I have a lovely dog. His name is  Max. We all consider him as family. He is very playful and friendly though so terrifying to strangers as he barks with a hoarse voice. He loves meeting and playing with other dogs though he doesn't like to be around cats. He always avoids them by running away.This makes me laugh all the time. 
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